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    • Hi. I'm considering buying this upgrade, but I'm a little worried about how much the side protrude. Can someone that HAS this upgrade tell me how much the panels go out from the white casing, preferably in millimeters?
      That way I can tape some extra padding/blocks of plastic to the sides and test if it works for me or not. Also, are the larger panels that house the batteries hard plastic or padded?
    • @dalewalker The winners were chosen by the forum members by vote (moderators and organizers excluded) and not by a select panel of judges.  You could have voted too.  I'm aware that you have only just "discovered" this old thread (about your fb post) and feel you needed to voice.  That said, can we put this behind yet?  

      "No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time" - Winston Churchill
    • Either this or some firmware cutoff to protect the board (overpower/current/temp protection...) kicked in. Maybe he also just stopped the test by not accelerating anymore after max power has been reached, as like you said mainly max power was intended to be measured by this setup. Edit: As written imho the most probable cause for the shutoffs was just a "normal" overlean... ---- Regarding  v5f+ vs v5f Then by the "30% more powerful" you mean the nominal max current stated of the used battery cells, i assume? You can get an idea of what different battery cells can bring in regard to max power by his comparison of an normal V8 and the V8 with Samsung INR 18650-30Q cells: ... but i have no idea which cells are used with the original v8 and how the compare to the Samsung cells ...  
    • What did I have to gain from it? You don't think I believe what I was saying? Why say it then? Of course I believe what I was saying. Damien won on the wow factor of his video and he's a trained professional performer that has been taught how to make bids like . 2nd place was a 12 year old who's dad had a handy can. Was it supposed to be an Euc trick competition or a film making competition? If it was judged based on difficulty of the tricks and not film making ability I believe the winners list would have been different.
    • LHOTZ! Larger wheel - gnarlier tyre - more versatility...
    • Hi, Sir or Madam I want to do a survey, our Lhotz and zero, which do you prefer? Please tell me your idea about it. i will be very grateful. thank you.  
    • AFAIK there are only "Ninebot One A1" and "Ninebot One S2". A1 is officially only for local Chinese market; while S2 is for global market with slightly better motor, better battery (2 instead of only 1 with A1), and also higher price of course. You might be able to get an A1 outside of China though, but I don't think the warranty is valid, at least not from Ninebot the company itself.
    • I was on 1.3.5 for a long time before I upgraded and I also wish I could go back. I don't like the high pitch whine the wheel gives with 1.4.0 (although it is nowhere near as loud as my Gotways). @steve454 I have ridden two Ninebot One E+ units on firmware 1.4.0, one tilted forward during turns but the other does not. I suggest going through the calibration routines (including the side to side level calibration). @SuperSport had a tutorial on the forum I recall. 
    • @dalewalker, i dont think @KingSong69 was trying to get the back up to bully you out. Even though, technically he asked for others to tell you to go elsewhere with posts like that, i dont thnk he was asking for help - - I think he simply meant  (hey look at this post, its unbelieveable what this guy is saying, he shouldnt be saying stuff like that here). He wanted to vent and share his emotions with the group after reading it. And its understandable - the problem with your facebook post is that it appears to be an attack on the contest and its credibility, and not something you genuinely believe in. This is the same reason why @Rehab1 is being defensive. i for one, dont think you actually and sincerely believe in what you are saying about Damien's contest entry simply because i dont find your statements in any way logical, in which case what i am going to say is inconsequential. But, in an unlikely event that you actually believe what you said, i will have you know, that as one of the moderators who monitored the voting process, i can attest that all forum moderators who monitored the votes tried to be as objective ,and fair as possible, and did not favor any one contestant regardless of their personal opinions. The point of the contest was to show euc riding skill thru a video recording. If Damien has better video editing skills - more power to him.  If his video looked better and it got him additional votes - then he complied with the rules of the contest and used all his talents to win and this is exactly what one would expect from the winning contestant. If you think his riding skills were not as good as the 2nd a 3rd place takers , you are entitled to your opinion, but the majority who voted him 1st seem to disagree. i actually dont think that Rehab's contest wasnt perfect. I think it went great. There werent that many contestants but the spirit was great and the contestants tried their best. I believe the contest was a great achievement for the community. I see no point in insinuating that it was unfair or rigged.  
    • I ordered the Ninebot by Segway One S1 on Cyber Monday and I received it on Friday.  I'd been looking for the S2 to go on sale in the US and figured they were waiting for the UL 2272 cert.  A friend of mine found this and let me know about it.  Anyway, I've now ridden it for a few miles and it's mostly a very nice wheel.  It's much nicer than my Airwheel X3 ever was.  I have the only color model that is available on Amazon... the White one.  Even though it looks like the Ninebot One S2 black model.  I think they are the same thing.  It does have some writing on it specifying that it is UL2272 compliant and that it has 2 155 wh batteries, so hopefully the airlines will like it.   Once I got mine past the 1 km break in period and got the speed limiter removed, I was able to take it up to speed.  I noticed that the road didn't feel flat anymore.  It felt like I was bumping along.  I'm thinking that my tire isn't on there correctly.  When I spin the wheel by hand, I can see that it's not consistent all the way around.  I'm thinking I should let some air out of the tire and see if I can't move it around a bit to get it all seated properly and try again.  If I can't get it sorted, I will just send it back to Amazon.   That is my only compaint right now.  The app works great.  - except my Nexus 6P couldn't do the firmware upgrade.  My Motorola Moto E did the update just fine.  You can turn on and off the brake light, handle switch, LED colors and all the things you might expect.  It's the same app as all the other ninebot wheels.  I've yet to bash or crash it, so it's still looking quite nice with no blemishes.  I don't expect that to hold for very long.    
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