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    • Thanks for the effort you put into these videos, Tishawn.  Your first Tesla video almost got me to go over-budget to buy one.  I wish I had your production skills.    It was revealed that 31 mp/h is the top comfortable speed of the Tesla.  I was surprised that Tishawn views the Tesla as a significant upgrade over even the ACM.   Sorry Marty, we're going to have to get you to take one for the team here and order one of these to get your insight compared to other Gotway models.  I could see the Tesla being my next wheel.  Hoping that no major issues crop up in the coming while. 
    • Probably not, lol.  Based on what you say being what I was noticing, and the fact that that beeping?  "Ain't nobody got time fadat!"  Plus, that extrapolation was to 0% battery, which we all know isn't going to happen.  So I'll estimate a maximum rage of about 67 to 70 miles, if I was forced to ride through all that beeping. But, you also have to factor in that during that test: I rode at high speed for about half the time, I rode over some big bridges a few times (effortlessly accelerating uphill is a strangely thrilling activity!), The recent hurricanes mean I was getting some pretty heavy wind resistance at times, low speed or not, I was at times practicing riding in the grass, and I ride mostly at night, with the light on all the time. Given that, I would say that under more nominal conditions that I would typically encounter during just riding around my city, 70 miles per charge is probably reasonable to expect from 100% to 20%.
    • When the Tiger's tail slips out of your hand! I have a design improvement suggestion, I hope that the Manufactures/designers/RD read this. I love my new Gotway MSuper!  I had a mishap yesterday that could have been disastrous.  I started to pull the trolly handle out my never wrecked MSuper, when it slipped out and my hand about half extended, the unicycle flipped out.  The unicycle acted like an 84 volt 53 lb toy top, accelerating completely out of control, out of balance and out of whack, jumping wildly about 4 to 5 feet into the air.  It totaled the handle.  Scratched up the EUC.  Oh well, now I can stop worrying about having a wreck and scratching it up.  The whole event only lasted a few seconds, but it was very intimidating.  I think that there may be a need for a safety design update.  In aviation there is a switch called a “squat switch”.  On the landing gear of an airplane when the plane is on the ground the squat switch prevents the landing gear from retracting.  In theory a person could flip the handle to raise the gear, and after the plane’s weight was off of the landing gear the gear would raise.  The squat switch prevents the landing gear from retracting or just folding up while the plane is on the ground and someone accidentally flipped the landing gear switch.  On an EUC the “squat switches” or safety switches would be on the pedals and handles and when pressure is off both the pedals and handles including the trolly handle the EUC would just fall on its side harmlessly.  It would also help minimize damage to EUC when a person would have to jump ship in the event of losing balance, or when the handle just slips of your hand.  We have all seen our EUC do that dance, you know that wild top, and we have also seen them just continue rolling without us on board, while we run behind with that sinking feeling hoping it doesn’t hit a car, person, lake…..  It is just a thought.
    • As to foot pain, my experience has been that I got foot pain in the beginning because subconsciously I was afraid of falling off the wheel, and I was trying to grip the wheel pedal with my foot instead of just riding.  I figured out that this is what it was because over time, I stopped having that pain, and then it appeared again for a while each time i have fallen off.  Significantly, the shoes I wear while riding have had a huge impact on removing that pain.  Old worn out soles = pain.  Mountain boots with aggressive highly grippy tread = no pain. The foot fatigue is a different discomfort that, as Marty has predicted, is fading with conditioning. Just my 2c.
    • I didn't think the 16S is rated to 40kph. 35kph sounds about right though. I remember it being just a bit faster than the V8 which is rated 30kph..
    • I got my MSuper V3s+ for US $1,950, and I'd say it's worth every penny of what I paid.  I can't compare it to the KS-18S yet, but the MSuper V3s+ is a fantastic wheel.  I fall more in love with it every time I ride it, and every time I fall more in love with it, I make it a point to ride it more often. If you don't think it's worth $750, then you have strong preferences elsewhere.  That's not necessarily to say that it's not worth that; it's just not worth that to you, right now. I'm looking forward to getting the KS-18S and trying it out.  But is it worth $2k?  Not to me, not right now, because I don't have that kind of money to toss around and because I have something that fills that niche just fine right now.  Will it be when I have one and have put a few hundred miles on it?  Maybe... depends on whether or not it compares favorably to my MSuper for what I want it to do. It's all in the eye of the beholder.
    • Sounds great. My sister worked at a private school in Dyke before retiring to Maine along the coast. Skyline drive and Blue Ridge parkway is so popular with auto and motorbike riders. The drive to Dyke and back on a single weekend is really long from the Boston area. Once I flew Southwest to the Baltimore/Washington area and rented a car for the remainder. NYC, Jersey turnpike and Washington area traffic can really be a problem for day trippers on the weekend.😬😴😯 Of course these days I ride a Ninebot and the grocery store is a long way away.😉  
    • I have to disagree.  While I only have the MSuper V3s+ and a KS-14b, and I cannot compare the V3s+ to a KS-18 of any flavor (yet), I can assure you that that video reviewer is wrong.  This is a wheel that demands you have skill to ride it, yes; but you can grow into it from nothing, and I am living proof of that.  That is exactly what I have done. I am not a master of riding yet, but every time I ride I have more skill than before, and more fun than before.  At this point, I am putting miles on it like they are nothing.  6 miles used to be an astonishing feat to me, just a month ago.  Now I do it practically in my sleep, literally futzing around wishing I could go for a REAL ride when I don't have the time. Any wheel can be learned, grown into and mastered from scratch.  The question is, are you willing to put in the required effort?  The first wheel you learn to ride is going to be the one you most likely prefer.  The one(s) before this latest one will most likely be preferred, because they are familiar and easy.  The more wheels you master, the more you develop a universal mastery, and can then do anything with anything. So again, it's just a matter of what you're willing to do to learn that wheel.  My KS-14b feels very alien to me right now; I have not found a graceful, consistent or easy way to mount it, and it's very squirrely compared to the MSuper.  I don't particularly like it just yet, but I still practice on it.  Doesn't mean I won't like it when I have enough experience with it.  Doesn't mean I can't learn and even master it with enough determination and perseverance!
    • Well, the slime arrived along with a thingy for removing the inside of the valve (as the one which comes with the bottle is rather wide and difficult to use). Got it apart, got the slime in, only got a moderate amount on the work bench ... and a little in my hair (not sure how that happened). All back together and works like a charm.  In a fit of enthusiasm ive now even bought some to go in the tyres of my lawn mower as they are constantly getting flats.  Thanks all for your help and advice, really appreciate it.
    • If I move the cursor up to 40 automatically returns to 35, although it has already done the procedure to unlock it
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