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    • This is Pegasus: I am disabled and unable to work, so I have a lot of free time. This project might take a year to finish, but having had the A3 change my life so fundamentally, I am very determined. STRUCTURAL PLAN: - Two EUCs, each having a square side frame on one side, bolted to the foot pedal / plastic cover threads. - The square frames are connected to each other by four arms with ball bearings: At the top and bottom, both front and rear, to enable sideways tilting in bumps and when cornering. (Not sure about the implementation, I think just ball bearings do not take side force too well.) - A box shaped lower frame in the middle, connected to the midpoints of the arms, pivoting with ball bearings. - A partial reversed bicycle frame with the rear wheel hub attached to the front of the lower box frame. Bicycle frame swivels up and down for main suspension, using ball bearings in the bicycle's rear wheel axle. - A shock/spring combination joins the rear of the lower frame to the bicycle frame, achieving the main suspension. When a bump in the road compresses the spring, the EUCs tilt forward for acceleration. The suspension in the A3 works a bit like this. - Smaller springs from the ends of the lower arms to the lower frame, to center the sideways tilting. - A cable bolted from the middle to the handlebar's turning horizontal tube, pulling each end of the cable while turning the handlebar. Each end of the cable pulls the top end of each EUC's gyro board forward, fooling the EUC to slightly accelerate, and the other to slow down slightly. Handlebar/cable is centered with springs. OTHER IDEAS: - A cheap smartphone secured in the center of the handlebar, only for running the control app as a dashboard. Charges itself constantly from the EUCs' batteries, or only while recharging the EUCs. - Fitting both EUCs' chargers in the frame, allowing to recharge both EUCs with a single, regular power cable. - A switch for alert beeps, a light, or both. Beeper(s) are located at the handlebar and lower in volume. - Battery power activated via a turning key, can't be powered on without.  - Standing support leg, operated with a foot only. - Soft and comfortable saddle, with small springs. My back likes a soft suspension.   Complicated? Yes, quite a bit. But I already ride the Airwheel more than my car, so it is going to be worth it. I was thinking about individual pivoting arms and suspensions for each EUC, but the forward tilting main suspension would still be needed, so I'm not sure it would be that beneficial.
    • Don't be a smart ass @Marty Backe anyone who's been around here more than a day knows there is only one riding season in So Cal: Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.  🙄 But judging from those -30*c riding reports I read on the Finnish board, some people, who live in less than ideal climates, have all year round seasons too.  Me, I won't wheel if it's less than 15*c.  But then I don't commute.
    • I find the V8 battery indicator to be extremely cautious, which i appreciate. I treat the "yellow-red," 2-bar indication as the halfway point in the effective charge, it seems to last a long time there. I've only run the battery down once to the point where my wheel tilted back and wouldn't let me ride any more. 
    • Yeah I really want to know why turning off tilt back and riding through ALL the warnings caused ME a painful face plant too.  Life is so unfair ! 😢
    • Love your mock-up. It's got a lot of the elements that I thought I'd include in mine. My only suggestion would be to use a picture that shows its true potential, like That'll pull in a lot more guys 
    • So NOVA just had a new episode about the search for the next generation battery, and in it they talked to a professor who made a new Lithium battery that uses a solid plastic polymer as its electrolyte. As a result, its impossible for the battery to catch on fire even after being pierced with a screwdriver and cut up. On top of this, the plastic physically stops any dendrite formation so he is able to use lithium metal as a negative electrode which has a much higher capacity than lithium ion. And the cost is "cheap" too according to the professor. The entire NOVA program is here with his segment at the 30:30 minute mark.  
    • That's cool that yours does that! And like you, my main concern is to grow the sport, which I already try to do with anyone interested in learning more. With the cards, everyone wins!
    • My retailer gives us cards to hand out. And he also offers us discounts if any sales are made through us. I'm not too concerned about the discounts, but I'd be really happy if he made some sales, and if the sport expanded.
    • I'm really surprised that EUC retailers don't provide cards with their web address on it to all new purchasers. The card could give a discount code (with a specific tracking URL for the EUCer who passes them out) and track purchases made through the efforts of that "EUC ambassador." They could then be rewarded through spiffs or discounts on later purchases. I always try to answer questions and give the web address of the seller I bought from, but no one ever has pen and paper on them to write it down. Business cards or something similarly sized would work well and I could keep them in my pocket while I ride. And I wouldn't mind being rewarded for selling something I have as passion for, either! The first retailer to come up with a decent reward program like this will make a killing in new sales.
    • Yeah, I went off the edge of a bridge about this wide on a Mountain Bike trail on a Mountain Bike.  Fell 10 ft onto my face!   Knocked myself right out!  Sucked! It's exactly what you say, I can ride perfectly straight on a line on the road, but take the sides away, and I lose all balance. 
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