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It is pretty much covered in the below thread: The company many on this forum recommend in the US is https://www.ewheels.com/ run by @Jason McNeil who is very active, and helpful, in this forum. That link will give you an idea of prices as well. 

A 16" wheel is a good choice for a learner. Just ensure you pad it up well when you are learning so as to prevent it getting damaged and have a look at the various threads on learning to ride on this forum. For example:


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I live in Europe and bought it on Aliexpress. It was for 970 EUR and took about 6 weeks to come. They probably send it to someone in Europe, who re-sends it, because I paid no customs nor taxes (and actually It should be at least 20%). The tracking number was fake at first, then they sent me an UPS tracking number. The tracking information was about 2 weeks at state not brought to the UPS office. But then it finally arrived.  The box was sealed with KingSong tapes (actually two nested boxes for more safe transport). 

There is a little offers on Aliexpress. At first I contacted one seller, whose offer already ended, and then I found the only other one who had it listed. The store name is "green and fashion travaling shop" (https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1908673?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.YJ9NZb) and while my order was shipped to me, the listing ended.  The first seller also responded to me in one day (but I already made an order from the second) and told me, that they can order the wheel for me. So you can try to contact someone who was already selling it.

This was the far most expensive thing I ever ordered from aliexpress and I am fully satisfied. The KS16S is amazing (I learned riding UAC at some no-name airwheel-like device). 

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My 16S came with a strap to hold the wheel up with if you need to jump off. That was only mildly useful in my first couple of days as I already had ~2 months on an InmotionV3, then the strap was more of a distraction for my balance than helpful.

Yes, there is a small learning curve, but the 16S is a good wheel. It also has built in speed limiting with the app (that can be over-ridden if you want), to help start you off slow. Probably a good thing to keep on the first few weeks when learning. Then you will have a bit of a learning curve for all the moderate techniques (going backwards, speed turning, slow turning, etc). That's where I am at now.

For $5 or $10 you can get about 5-6 feet of foam padding for the front and sides. I still have mine on after a couple months, just to be safe. Probably going to take the sides off soon, but keep the front and back on;




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