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  1. Hi, I just received my fixed S18. The wheel came in the first batch and after about 70km the mainboard gone. I sent it to seller then and they replaced the mainboard and improved the suspension as well. So this is how it looks and works. Video: Suspension smoothness
  2. What does the voice settings in the Segway-Ninebot Adnroid App do for Z10? I can choose between "Default voice" - "Harmonic sound" and "Recommended voice" - "Loomo Robot sound", I can set volume and touch play/pause icon for specific voice, but nothing happens. No sound on app, nor on the wheel, when uploaded to Z10 (insanely slow uploading channel). The only voice I hear from Z10 is "The bluetooth is connected successfully", after Z10 powers on and my cell phone is near by. And this voice does not seem to be affected by uploading the sound. Anything else produces just nice beeps (p
  3. I think more infill will help next time. It was only 20% and it has broken in the weakest part. I have reprinted it with 100% infill and will see. The rest of the broken one is still on pedal and can be still used for opening, as it is symmetric.:-) The problem is not in the design, but in my skills to go over curbs. The wheel is too heavy to jump on them and I still can not estimate what height is safe to go through.
  4. Thank you Lukasz. I have printed it from PETG using 20% infill. Already broke one of them after hitting a crub. Going to print another.:-)
  5. I live in Europe and bought it on Aliexpress. It was for 970 EUR and took about 6 weeks to come. They probably send it to someone in Europe, who re-sends it, because I paid no customs nor taxes (and actually It should be at least 20%). The tracking number was fake at first, then they sent me an UPS tracking number. The tracking information was about 2 weeks at state not brought to the UPS office. But then it finally arrived. The box was sealed with KingSong tapes (actually two nested boxes for more safe transport). There is a little offers on Aliexpress. At first I contacted one seller,
  6. I think you are right about default direction - buttons in front. I identified it based on the tire. There is an forward direction arrow (as on any bike tire).
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