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GT16 Rear light fix?


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7 hours ago, Mrd777 said:

Scatcat, thank you so much for responding, I really appreciate your effort writing!

It's really not easy to open it up.

It's hardest the first few times, until you get the routine down. Then it's not much harder than any other EUC. Gotway is simpler in one way, since the board is in the same compartment as one of the battery packs. But try to get to the LED assembly in a Gotway, and it becomes more complicated.

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On 7/18/2017 at 10:25 PM, Mrd777 said:

My GT16 rear light was dead on arrival. Kind of a drag as I ride at night a lot. Any ideas for a fix or even access it?


What about the blinking red lights bicyclists use?  You could velcro it to the wheel.  Easier than taking the wheel apart.

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