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  1. Im in the same boat here... so happy with .05 - Also all that charging complication we have heard about with beeps and the wheel still on...
  2. The Mten3 is so ready for an upgrade! I want a 12 inch wheel , 3 inch tire with a 2000w motor 100v
  3. Get the mten, it’s amazingly quick and fun.. no brainer especially since you have the 16x
  4. Also... tires obviously keep their round profile with more air, which makes the EUC more nimble, people aren't used to the sensitivity so they drop the pressure.. its a matter of learning a bit again. Its synonymous with seat height on bikes, I cringe looking at riders with low seat heights. Riders just don't want to be uncomfortable to "try" something different. I can't ride my KS16x with less then 40 psi., and I weigh 165lbs. Our wheels zip with higher psi!
  5. Hey Marty, I missed this, did you “upgrade” software to 1.06? I’m staying at 1.05 at the moment
  6. Come back to this thread later and let us know. I only have a 100 miles on it and I've always been a Gotway fan.. however gave it a chance and love it, it's a solid wheel that is nimble and quick. It's my wheel of choice at the moment.
  7. I have the 1230 100v, and it weighs 53lbs., I'm not sure how you are getting to the 47 lb. number? Ill weigh it again tomorrow..
  8. Hey Folks, Quick question on the fan. What temp does it engage? I have yet to hear it. All my Gotway’s have the fan going on fairly early. thanks
  9. Love the mcm5. That chart from ewheels seems wrong. My third alarm comes on at 23.5 mph usually with a fairly full battery.. so that’s it ,I don’t go past 24mph. The beauty of this wheel is not top end speed, it’s about off the line acceleration , and cat like agility. Glad you are ok Moltocs!
  10. This is exactly where I have my speed setting too, I’ve noticed that setting the speed is very inconsistent on os apple devices, so I’m carrying around a Kindle to make changes. I know we have heard countless reviews on this wheel, however I want to reiterate it’s a fantastic wheel. It gets up to speed very quickly and seems more stable at speed then my Gotway wheels. I have to say I’m enjoying more then my 100volt Nikola at the moment. ‘I have only around 70 miles on the wheel, and loving it. It’s very agile and I’m impressed with the compactness and quickness. I’m running 40 psi on 1.05 firmware. The handle is great for NYC errands, and train travel. The large petals are confident inspiring. I’m very comfortable cruising at 25 mph, and have no need to really go faster then this wheel provides. With all the distracted idiots walking glued to their cellphones and the quality of our roads in NYC and the Northeast I see no reason to be going above 30mph.. (seems like people are a little hung up on this)- The wheel is plenty fast, and solid. Bravo Kingsong
  11. Interesting, my msx lights are screwy too, they stay on or only blink on one side or the other. Something is wrong... keeping them off at the moment.. headlight works. any ideas? same boat..
  12. All true, Relax, and relax... these wheels love a higher psi, like anything new give it time and you will see the light.
  13. Putting all the negatives, positives, agreements and disagreements we have heard on the 16x, I have to say this wheel is certainly getting a lot of attention from all of us. We are up to 165 pages on it, so there must be something there! I am quite curious about this wheel and the overwhelming support on it’s agility. I have one coming this week, so I’m looking forward to comparing it to my dedicated Gotway wheels. lets see..
  14. @stephen sounds great! What firmware is on your wheel?
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