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  1. It's amazing that I've had this little rocket 3 years almost to the day. I went tubeless about a month or so after Ive had it, and to this day the seal is holding up perfectly. Of all my wheels this little Mten3 hardly loses any air. I used Orange Seal https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CS739KG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 What we really need is a MTEN 4 !! Lets go Gotway, its been THREE YEARS
  2. This doesn’t sound right, I was told first batch/ orders not arriving till end of the month.
  3. Is this the consensus, top speed (GPS not app) is 28mph?
  4. This is super annoying to hear that the wheel has parasitic drain! This is a disaster as Ive had experience with an expensive e board doing this, as lithium cells are sometimes impossible to recover once they get below a certain voltage. I hope this doesn't mean we have to open the wheel and unplug the battery if we are going away for a month!
  5. When I bought the V10, it was basically dead on arrival. I didn’t give it a second chance.
  6. Can you explain this.. what do you mean by 70% of the first batch are coming with street tires. The first batch is an order of 100 units, 70 of them are coming with street tires?
  7. Agree, the clanking here is definitely an issue for me , several videos have revealed this...
  8. Yes, this is great but no mention of insulating the phase wires which seems imperative. I’m on the first batch, and hoping these improvements were made before shipping.
  9. Seller in China on Ali, informed me ; $2,941. "yes friend, it is the new MONSTER PRO if you make the order,I will purchase from the factory ,it needs to wait about 3 weeks before we can send out"
  10. Stay with the plan man.. there’s a lot of banter about the two versions, but I can tell you by far the usability of the high torque 2500w version outweighs the extra 7-8 mph you might get out of the 2000w version. It’s rare that you are able to go that fast all the time.. it’s just talk, and not safe. I’m loving the msp, it’s a champ going uphill or overtaking a Tour de France wannabe. It’s a seriously fast compact wheel that gets plenty of miles per charge. Marty’s test got just below 60 miles.
  11. Mine took exactly a month on Ali
  12. I have them on my MSP and they significantly change the dynamics of the wheel. It’s vital that you use tape to temporarily attach them to get the proper angle right for your riding style. Measure and take your time before applying... I’m pleasantly surprised what a difference they make accelerating! On the critical side the breaking pad could be designed differently as it’s just to thin to get a real grip with you calf to optimize slowing the wheel down. I think we could go further with developing real molds/casts for some interesting pads that are more ergonomic. Let’s put @Rehab1 up to the task..
  13. Hmmm 🤔, I’m afraid you’re correct, but I know you are right there with me.
  14. I’m curious where you are getting this price from? I haven’t seen this anywhere..
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