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  1. $1600 for that wheel is crazy expensive. I haven’t seen any bad reviews yet for the Nikola except for the sticker falling off. I’ll be selling my pristine Tesla for a $1000. in a week with exactly 300 miles on it.. yes, my msx is silent
  2. I strongly recommend soft mode, as it provides so much more agility then hard mode. I keep seeing reviews online that confuse hard mode equals more power, as it doesn’t. Try to give soft mode a couple of days to really adjust to the sway of the pedals. I ride with about 3 degrees of backwards lean. I’m not sure how you ride with an 8 degree forward lean, as that might be screwing up your perspective on riding soft. The monster 100volt preforms beautifully in soft mode..
  3. I have bought from both, and there is no doubt going with ewheels is the better deal and comes with superior service. I have only bought wheels from Ali if Jason is out of stock, or not supporting a certain model. You can’t go wrong purchasing from Jason.
  4. Marty the valve puller screws directly on the brass threads of the short valve. I’m not sure what you mean that it doesn’t fit? Put the valve through your drilled hole, attach the puller by screwing it on, use a small block of wood ( I know you have) for leverage and pull it up through the hole. maybe they sent you a wrong valve puller?
  5. Marty it’s been some time since I did this, however to this day that tire hardly looses air and I’ve been very pleased going tubeless. Yes that link is correct. I used dishwashing soap, and gave it a tug and it fit right into place. It worked. Heat up the valve stem also so it’s nice and flexible. I hate to tell you to drill a larger hole... from what I remember my measurements are correct. Still love this little mten!
  6. @Jason McNeil what is the possibility that we can get a demo unit floating from East to West again? It was very helpful on the last series of wheels..
  7. WOW, you guys are S L O W , (and I’m not talking about the Kingsong riders )
  8. obviously an April Fools Joke !! or you're drinking..
  9. I assume its for 100volt version. Thats a sweet price, just about $400 cheaper then our price here in the US
  10. I use this helmet in the Winter here in NYC, and it does really help on keeping wind off your face. I also wear a helmet skull cap for a little extra warmth.. Im very happy with it as the Winter winds off the Hudson river are pretty severe and really make my eyes tear. On the negative side, the visor does distort your vision a bit and takes a bit to adjust too. Its a great helmet, so much lighter then a moto helmet!
  11. @Girth Brooks congratulations on the 100volt Monster. I really love mine and primarily use it in the country on long fast road worthy trips. I noticed that there was a clicking sound coming from the rear when I hit a bumps, absolutely drove me crazy. . I opened up the little hatch near the rear light and discovered the light clip off the wire was hitting the shell. It was a simple fix with some silicone. It’s worth the effort to tighten up the ship here and there with silicone glue. Then again you might not be as fixated with the Gotway clicks, and creaking shell noises as I am. Enjoy !
  12. @houseofjob is absolutely correct here. At the moment I own five Gotway wheels, and by far the MSX is the most uncomfortable to ride. Yes, I still ride it almost daily, even to work today at 5f, temps out there... but its just not as ergonomically designed as my other wheels. Gotway did fail at this with the MSX.
  13. I own this helmet, and also took off the visor. It’s carbon fiber and it’s an amazingly light, I had to exchange it for a large, as this helmet runs small. It’s a very safe helmet I use for my long range rides. Extremely happy with it.. When I bought it I was lucky to get it for $159.
  14. Mrd777

    Dualtron II EX

    Ive had zero problem on the Dualtron II EX, every time I ride it Im amazed how fun and what a blast it is to ride.
  15. OK, now that it's looking like air travel with an EUC is inherently risky, lets consider that Mten 3 upgrade. I love my Mten3, but it would be fabulous to upgrade to a 12" tire, width of 4 inches, and bump up the motor to at least 1500w. A real compact, zippy, torquey, rocket ! Im in.
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