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  1. Mrd777

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    @houseofjob is absolutely correct here. At the moment I own five Gotway wheels, and by far the MSX is the most uncomfortable to ride. Yes, I still ride it almost daily, even to work today at 5f, temps out there... but its just not as ergonomically designed as my other wheels. Gotway did fail at this with the MSX.
  2. Mrd777


    I own this helmet, and also took off the visor. It’s carbon fiber and it’s an amazingly light, I had to exchange it for a large, as this helmet runs small. It’s a very safe helmet I use for my long range rides. Extremely happy with it.. When I bought it I was lucky to get it for $159.
  3. Mrd777

    Dualtron II EX

    Ive had zero problem on the Dualtron II EX, every time I ride it Im amazed how fun and what a blast it is to ride.
  4. OK, now that it's looking like air travel with an EUC is inherently risky, lets consider that Mten 3 upgrade. I love my Mten3, but it would be fabulous to upgrade to a 12" tire, width of 4 inches, and bump up the motor to at least 1500w. A real compact, zippy, torquey, rocket ! Im in.
  5. Mrd777

    Dualtron II EX

    Yes, the strap can be bought on Amazon, and the folding handle bar on Aliexpress https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073X7227N/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Makes it much easier to store and carry
  6. Mrd777

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    The Nikola just doest seem like enough of an impressive upgrade to get rid of my Tesla. I still love the Tesla.. Yes, a 3" tire, 56% more battery (nice) -a Silly Inmotion handle, and circus "look at me" lights. uggh. Not a very attractive wheel
  7. Hey, fabulous story and video.. nicely done. I’ll have to join you guys!
  8. Mrd777

    Gotway Monster Received and Oh My God

    I actually feel that I can accelerate faster on my Monster 100v and X in Softer Mode. I thinks its because there in more play (pitch and roll) in the wheel which enables me to have some leverage on the acceleration movement. This also seems to help with braking faster too.
  9. Mrd777

    Gotway Monster Received and Oh My God

    I agree, the 100volt monster is a beast of a wheel and by far runs best in soft mode.
  10. Mrd777

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Circus show, certainly doesn't look like an efficient, modern machine.
  11. Mrd777

    Taking aboard your EUC in a bus(NYC

    I’ve had several wheels in NYC on busses, subways, lirr and NJ transit. I’ve only had curiosity from the various conductors, it’s never been an issue. I agree with @houseofjob I think it was just bad luck.
  12. Mrd777

    Is the Inward Bank Angle on the MSX Uncomfortable?

    I really enjoy riding all my wheels with very little contact on the pads. The MSX forces you to make contact on the pads which becomes uncomfortable on your calf. The wheel preforms beautifully with this angle, the problem is it forces you to rub on the pads.
  13. Mrd777

    Is the Inward Bank Angle on the MSX Uncomfortable?

    This is exactly the issue, the angle does create additional pressure on your calf which becomes uncomfortable.
  14. Mrd777

    My new Mten3!

    Hey @Esper , you will love the Mten3, it’s an amazing little wonder, but.... did you consider the mcm5? , it’s not much bigger, and I consider it truly the “wheel of the year” the agility, pickup, weight to power ratio can’t be matched.
  15. Mrd777

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Appreciate the review Marty, thanks for all this effort. I'm in on Generation II !