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  1. I think this is so needed, maybe if there were two pages, one concentrating on new wheels on the market, and one showing all wheels that we have data on. This way people can make direct comparisons on a possible upgrade or not.
  2. Curious where all the data on the msx/ msp ht & hs went? It was there last week...I understand that they are out of production, but they are a helpful comparison to the rs, and others.. also many people still riding them.
  3. ‘David wood writes: ‘it's-literally the ONLY example of a broken pedal from probably thousands sold that i could find so quite clearly a faulty set which you get with anything you buy.. Glad iwasn't put off by the negatively towards these pedals and i would 100% buy again” Actually David there were others who had broken pedals.. quite a few. Chicway sent them replacements and asked them to remove or not post pictures of their broken pedals. (trust me I have photos) I own them and like them, however I would keep an eye on them. It took me hours to file the pedals down to get the dihedra
  4. Ha, I’m sure everyone remembers Inmotion’s release of the V10, they stretched it out over a week with countdowns and showing us just close-ups of different parts of the wheel... then finally revealing it. The hype quickly became annoying, and came across as immature.
  5. I have both wheels and think the mcm5 is really more appropriate. It’s a lot lighter and will be easier for him to maneuver it when he’s not riding it too, this way he can take more responsibility for the wheel etc. It’s plenty fast and has some of the quickest acceleration of all the wheels in my quiver. I think he’s a bit young for the Tesla.
  6. My order was canceled last week by Chicway after paying and ordering it in August. Their excuse was they felt like it was too "risky to ship being it had many issues". Im sure the other reason is they weren't comfortable with the discounted price we agreed upon in August. Huge hassle getting my money back.. (never again) What a drag, looks like I will start over to get this wheel, if I even want it now...
  7. I've come to NOT trust these guys from Ali, which are the same guys that have the CHICWAY shop. In August they (Chicway) sold me a Monster Pro a bit more then $700 less then the going price. Long story short as its not worth discussing the manufacturing issues with Begode etc, but months went by with the usual communication "friend, everything is ok, they are updating the wheels, we want you to have a fresh one". I started really contacting them every day as I knew PayPal has a 180 day (6 month) insurance and I was on the 5th month.. Finally they wrote that they didn't want to sell the Mo
  8. Buy the Tesla II, I’ve owned over a dozen wheels and this is still one of my favorites, the speed to weight ratio is unbeatable. It’s perfect to run errands on too. I actually like the thin tire, as it’s like a fast road bike with a small low drag footprint.
  9. Don't forget folks a lot of these sellers are all the same store or vender. They will post a prices that are a couple of hundred dollars cheaper in one store to entice you to go with another, or steer you out of Ali to their own website. Its a lot of work getting a refund! Ive lost my trust in them
  10. Why does it feel that June will actually equate to an October arrival? I’d rather Inmotion tell us a later date and surprise us with an earlier delivery. Be realistic and honest with us.
  11. Speed record on the MP24!
  12. well at least Begode knows about it, Their response copied as a comment on the two fires: "Regarding this matter, we cannot find out the exact cause of the accident. We also attach great importance to this matter. The technical department has done in-depth research and discussion on this incident. The cause of burning is multi-layered, and there are problems with the product itself, as well as problems during use. But we can only look for potential defects from ourselves, improve our quality control, optimize software, etc. We are sorry to cause you worry and trouble. We believe these are
  13. This is great news, who is your dealer so we can get one? thanks!
  14. A review with some action with Chris!
  15. b where did you get the power pads? I like the idea of them with no backing.
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