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  1. Really.. even my little Nano 10” e board is a blast, the short turning radius is silly fun
  2. Well I have several high end e skateboards, yes I love taking out the Lacroix or the Evolve’s on a carving expedition on smooth pavement. Nothing beats that feeling as long as the road is slick.. it’s truly amazing. I hard-boot alpine snowboard and the feeling is similar. However, the Euc’s I own far outweigh the versatility factor, from trail rides, long range adventures and quick shopping having hands free to carry a case of wine! It’s a privilege to own both, but if you must choose between the two get the uni😉
  3. Really hoping this can compete with the “Pro”, If Inmotion feels like it can, they should release more information sooner then later. I remember the release of the V10 was an exhausting endeavor, feeding us ridiculous drips and drabs of information, we got tired of that...
  4. Third alarm for me on my mcm5 is consistently 23, ~ 24 mph , with a battery above 60%. All up weight , 175lbs. This is my go to wheel when using a train, and going to my final destination.
  5. Why do I feel that as soon as the first release is out of the MSP, there will be a major improvement released SHORTLY after? It’s happened with Gotway on almost half the wheels I’ve purchased on preorder through dealers and Gotway themselves. I can see them changing the light to a two stage brightness level, a larger battery, higher voltage, or something significant that I’m not aware of. (Like a better model, 20 inch, 126v hint hint) I'm trying to hold off, as I’ve seen this movie before.
  6. Thanks again and again @Ilya Shkolnik for all you effort of this app, we love it.
  7. Mrd777

    MSuper Pro?

    Got to love these Russians, serious passion for the sport, and pushing the wheels hard! What a fabulous scene having the guy coming out of the frozen lake on the pro! Bravo.!!
  8. Just for the record, Gotway told me the 126 volt is two years away, who knows if it’s true, however I wouldn’t expect one soon.
  9. I have the fly helmet, and yes all the reviews say to order 1-2 sizes up. I wear a med/lg, and the xl fits perfectly. It’s a pretty impressive helmet for money. I love how quick it is to change face shields. So far it’s a great warm helmet for nyc Winter wind!
  10. Yes, this is correct, we tested it with a gps in nyc
  11. Mrd777

    MSuper Pro?

    Kind of disagree, as I feel the difference isn’t worth the upgrade. It’s really not that much a difference, I was surprised..
  12. Mrd777

    MSuper Pro?

    Hey Marty. There doesn't seem to be more acceleration from a standstill like we experience with our mcm5's... I just feel more power from 15mph, then "rolling on" to 25mph. ( but not a lot) By the way the NYC crew I was with, really put these wheels to the test. fearless.. As I mentioned my expectations were high, and was let down being excited about this new motor. We tested (gps) where the 80% beep level started on a fairly full battery and it was 32mph. I can totally understand your frustration why you haven't got your hands on a "pro", we are all curious of your opinion. Jason might be scootered up at the moment ..lol
  13. Mrd777

    MSuper Pro?

    I gave the pro a quick go today, it’s certainly a fabulous wheel, however I don’t see it in the category of an upgrade if you already own a 84v or 100volt. The wheel definitely has more “roll on” speed, however not enough to call it “Pro” On the new dual speaker ( for those who care ) it’s still not there, terribly quality. The side button cutoff switch is awkward, and you would probably be better off turning off the wheel if you have a flight of stairs to conquest. Overall I’m disappointed ..
  14. I go to Switzerland every year and keep telling my friends and family there that they have to get an EUC because all the beautiful separated bike paths etc, The Swiss also love their bikes and their e bikes, however they don't break the law when it comes to e skateboards and EUC's. I was given a very strange look when I tell them not to worry about it and just ride one. The Swiss follow and respect the law & rules, probably why its such a beautiful place...
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