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  1. Hey @Ilya Shkolnik thanks again for this app. We love it. I just noticed that I can no longer reset a trip or max speed on the latest version 5.3 I used to be able to reset it on the lower right side of max speed and singe mileage . Any ideas? thanks again for creating this! mark
  2. They seem to always come through, however I’ve had to wait two months on one order and was strung along the whole time.Yes Ewheels is by far the best but they didn’t carry the wheel at the time.
  3. Certainly not an issue stopping, however if you took a mten3, mcm5, and Nikola plus and did a stop test from 20 mph, I’m sure the Nikola would be way last.. yes, smaller wheel more torque, however weight certainly has a momentum play in it. yes Soft Mode is the way to go, a nice pendulum effect.
  4. Yes, folks I have the base 100volt model 1230wh.. I haven’t done a range test yet but plan to. I’m quite happy with how fast this wheel goes even at lower voltages.. the wheel wasn’t even giving me a beep until 5% battery (darkness bot). In other words there has been no voltage sag that I can feel. Unlike my e boards where sag is always an issue. Hey @Marty Backe, and @houseofjob please weigh your wheel I’m curious what the weight difference is between the base 100volt and the plus. One thing I am noticing is it does take a bit of effort stopping these heavy wheels quickly. mark
  5. Marty, it looks like the thermal sheet is one large sheet that covers 3/4 of the board. I noticed their is a tiny cut under one of the fets. Yes, it’s the 1230wh version
  6. Finally opened up my 100v, interesting where they placed the board. The larger fets look fairly clean against the heat sink, so I’m not going to lift out the board. I’m replacing the speaker tomorrow.. I might fit some balsa wood where the void is where the 84 boards are, just so the shell doesn’t creek (cave in) in when I apply extra pressure.
  7. Hmmm. I’m sorry to hear this Marty, I thought Jason was on it..
  8. All in all I’m still (somehow) really trusting my 100volt Nikola. I ordered the speaker mod, so I will open it up this week and also examine my board as I replace the speaker. I will remind everyone that this wheel is truly a blast, and the acceleration is fabulous, so let’s not give up on the Nikola just yet. Gotway will work this out.
  9. Fantastic! Can’t wait to do this @Dzlchef ! Thanks for posting this. The speaker sound is lousy, and when I turn it on in a public nyc train station ... I get serious looks.
  10. I’d like to open up my 100volt to see if there is glue on the board, however it seems like a huge hassle in that I have to pull that board out and over just to get a peek. What a pain Gotway!
  11. I have the 1230wh 100volt Nikola. I should open it up this week to inspect the board. Do we have comparative photos of the To-227 board, to the 84v version?
  12. I have yet to try a 84v Nikola so its hard to compare one to my 100v version. The main difference I've felt from 100v versions like the Monster and the MSX is the roll on power. 100 volt versions really seem to move on out when accelerating from a cruising speed. Ive also noticed this when I've over-volted several of my electric bikes.
  13. I'll try to do a range test with my 1230 100v version. Im guessing 40 to 50 miles. which is plenty for me..
  14. We know the Gotway algorithm, even the "Lets release a better wheel before early birds get theirs"
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