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  1. Yes, I believe this is what Inmotion shipped worldwide, ewheels will receive 30 of them.
  2. Just a reminder, I’m really not sure these guys are trying to rip anyone off. They are opportunistic, hopeful sellers promising more then they can deliver on, so they lead us on with lies etc.. They have come through is the past, it’s just their business is based on so many variables from actually getting the product to relying on a few shipping agents across foreign soil. Begode does not represent them as an official reseller from what I understand.
  3. I’d take the refund, I waited 6 months from chickway which is the same seller. Don’t let that protection expire. Get your money back and move on, lesson learned.
  4. I ordered a Monster Pro August 2020 directly from China, and the order was cancelled because of production issues 6 months later... ahh then I got on the list with Ewheels in the Spring of 2021 looking for a June/July delivery. Now I was informed that Begode will resume some production on the Ex's and Pro's early September, with a delivery for October! Wow.
  5. Yes, stay clear of Chicway, last year they actually canceled an order I had and said they would refund me. I waited weeks as never did they write me back. They wouldn’t answer my emails on when I could expect my refund. I finally had to get Paypal involved as the 180 day time limit was closing in quickly with. As soon as paypal got involved they finally refunded me. It was a headache, especially waiting almost 180 days for a wheel! AVOID! The only reason I ordered from them is my dealer here in the US was out of stock.
  6. Yes, the Sherman certainly is terrific, however its pedals are a bit low and its not great at quick 180's compared to all my other wheels. Its lacks agility on a quick angled roll..
  7. I agree with you. I’m more attracted to the performance and waterproofing qualities then the aesthetics of this wheel. The front fender area under the light is really ugly!
  8. I’m noticing that cruising 30 to 35mph is a sweet spot for the ex.n, however it’s difficult to cruise between 35 to 40 mph on that wheel. (So far)
  9. Not a pretty video, but he reaches 88kph, almost 55mph
  10. It truly is as good, much more stable at speed, however much more of a heavy large wheel to do errands on, lifting it up using the trolley etc. The wheel really moves out! just installed a Street pilot 2 on the MSP 70/90-14, and really happy with it. The wheel is so much more sensitive turning, and not bouncy at all like the stock tire.
  11. Exactly, I just installed a 70/90-14 "Pilot Street 2" on my MSP and its fantastic. Some may find it twitchy as it does turn quickly, however I love it.
  12. Actually this is the beauty of the Tesla.. some want to change the tire for something wider however the small footprint is what makes this wheel fast and nimble. I’ve had over a dozen wheels and currently own 7 and I’m still impressed with the Tesla 2. The 1020wh is a nice light wheel. As I’ve mentioned in other posts the “weight to speed ratio can’t be beat”
  13. If its for NYC riding and you are going to shop, go to restaurants and do a few fast laps around the park .... get the Tesla. I love it for city riding, its very quick and nimble for the city, and light enough to carry once in a while. It's one of the fastest accelerating wheels... There are still a bunch of Tesla 2's out there for $1,200. A fabulous wheel to learn on too.
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