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  1. We know Kingsong has made small changes on each batch that has shipped on the s18, however it’s hard to keep track on the changes as they are lost in the lengthy thread. It would be helpful if we had a chart or list as a sticky on where we are on the improvements.
  2. Actually, according to Begode, production starts at the beginning of December now. Realistically I don’t think we will see them stateside till 2021.
  3. so... 70 lbs, this is significantly lighter, thus much faster top speed and off the line. Sweet!
  4. After Begode watched this upgrade from 1020wh to 1480, they have produced an official model of 1500wh. From what I understand it’s available late November/December. The 1020 model is a wonderful commuter travel / train wheel at 42lbs.
  5. Believe me I love ewheels, I am a HUGE supporter and fan, and take nothing away from them, their service and support is top notch. Im just stating open market prices which are always relevant to us. Having several choices as consumers keeps the market healthy.
  6. This price seems high compared preorders on Ali, Chicway and such that come in around $2,900. Speedy feet is selling them around $3,175 .
  7. Now from what I understand from Begode, production starts mid November. Here’s a quick view..
  8. Great, can you weigh it for us? Thanks
  9. I'm glad we have the speakers, as it is certainly fun listening to tunes on back country roads. HOWEVER, a few days ago in lower Manhattan a guy came along on his Nikola with the highest volume it could play... meaning it was distorted terrible quality trash. Everyone looked disgusted, as it was entirely inconsiderate. It's a sad "me" society.
  10. thanks , are we GX 12 or 16? forgot
  11. do you have links for these? thanks
  12. Do we know the weight difference between the 1020wh, and the 1500wh model?
  13. It’s impressive how late this is, zero news on it from Begode.
  14. You are over thinking this. There’s no fix to be had. You are at 100% in all relevant terms..
  15. I found the pads really great, all I did was add a layer of softer foam to the contact points. I think what people are missing is the positioning of the pad. If you just blindly stick it on in the intended grove it won’t match up with your angled leg. I have the rear of the pad angled up so your shin fits parallel with the pad. It took time to get it perfect but they really help with accelerating and braking.
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