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  1. I have them on my Monster 100v, and do love them. I installed them in the insert as designed, then being disappointed with the placement I actually moved them back about 1 1/2" which was a huge hassle. I wanted to engage on the lip on less lean... it made a huge difference in handling. I also installed the Nikola pedals on the Monster which gives you a bit more leverage too. Its now a new machine with those two upgrades. I'm ultra careful not to have the wheel fall over..
  2. Putting the acm pedals on the mten3 really makes a difference. A perfect match, I highly recommend them.
  3. I’m still lost on the attention this is getting. What we need is a Mten 4 !
  4. Thanks for this post @chulander! I immediately bought a 24mm socket and made a slot with a grinder. I used the work mate table (thanks @Marty Backe) and used a long pipe for leverage, which really helps. I applied red thread locker too. I was able to move the nut quite a bit. I had no slop on the pedal arm, however I took your post to heart. Thanks, mark
  5. I own a 100volt monster and owned a 84v. I do like the wheel and have to agree with @EUC GUY as the wheel is a great long distant road warrior. The Monster has little torque therefore it’s not the best hill climber or off road machine. Its perfect for getting up to speed and maintaining that speed. I put a trolly (euc guy) on mine which has made it more convenient.. On the negative side I wish it had more of an acceleration rush, it doesn’t. I’m looking forward to getting my power pads which I’m hoping will help with this. (Euc guy, thanks) I think you should try one before you buy it
  6. As we have all mentioned before many of us are awaiting for a mten4, something either 10 or 12” 100volt, 800 or 1030 wh, with a nice thick tire. @Jason McNeil this is where the market is.. buyers are waiting!
  7. Im in the same boat here... so happy with .05 - Also all that charging complication we have heard about with beeps and the wheel still on...
  8. The Mten3 is so ready for an upgrade! I want a 12 inch wheel , 3 inch tire with a 2000w motor 100v
  9. Get the mten, it’s amazingly quick and fun.. no brainer especially since you have the 16x
  10. Also... tires obviously keep their round profile with more air, which makes the EUC more nimble, people aren't used to the sensitivity so they drop the pressure.. its a matter of learning a bit again. Its synonymous with seat height on bikes, I cringe looking at riders with low seat heights. Riders just don't want to be uncomfortable to "try" something different. I can't ride my KS16x with less then 40 psi., and I weigh 165lbs. Our wheels zip with higher psi!
  11. Hey Marty, I missed this, did you “upgrade” software to 1.06? I’m staying at 1.05 at the moment
  12. Come back to this thread later and let us know. I only have a 100 miles on it and I've always been a Gotway fan.. however gave it a chance and love it, it's a solid wheel that is nimble and quick. It's my wheel of choice at the moment.
  13. I have the 1230 100v, and it weighs 53lbs., I'm not sure how you are getting to the 47 lb. number? Ill weigh it again tomorrow..
  14. Hey Folks, Quick question on the fan. What temp does it engage? I have yet to hear it. All my Gotway’s have the fan going on fairly early. thanks
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