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Recommendation for Surge Protector


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I was curious if anyone had a recommendation for a surge protector?  This would be used in my home when charging up to four wheels and also something that I'd like to be able to carry in my backpack when going on long rides with a group.  I'm looking for something that has at least 6 outlets and two USB charge ports and can handle around 15-18 amps (~15 for the EUC chargers and ~3 amps for the USB devices).  Ideally it would be light weight so that I'm not adding too much to my backpack, but I want to make sure it is heavy duty enough to handle the amperage demands.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts and/or recommendations!

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1 minute ago, Dingfelder said:

Max, there was a thread about surge protectors just in the last two weeks if i recall correctly. There was plenty of discussion and I think a recommendation or two.


That thread could have been

with also the discussion ups vs. surge protector?

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7 hours ago, Dingfelder said:

Yeah that was the one.  I think people made the usual APC recommendation you would find anywhere, maybe another one or two. 

Good stuff, thanks to you and @Chriull for the thread.  I tried to search for "surge protectors" prior to my post, but didn't see anything, not sure how I missed it, but thank you!


I just read that thread and I'm not sure that it is exactly what I was looking for...I'm thinking of something more like this:


I'm hoping for something that is portable to fit in my backpack for rides so that I can stop, find a single receptacle and plug all of my chargers into it, plus my phone(s) etc.  It seemed like that thread was talking about devices that focus on your home, which is valid in my case, but I'm looking for something that could potentially cover both scenarios.  Maybe the answer is that I would need two separate devices (the UPS for home and the surge protector for the road trips)? 

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