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Given your rich relative died, what's your wheel harem?


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One caveat; you cannot know what wheel best suits you until after you've bought your first wheel and ridden it quite a bit.

I think I would only want three wheels at any one time. I can imagine my choice of wheels being flipped on the distance if I lived in the suburbs.

A tiny wheel like the IPS I5 that I would probably use most of the time as most of my needs are under one mile.

A midsize wheel like the Inmotion V5 or V8, or a solo wheel Extreme that can work in most situations.

A big long range wheel like a KS16, Rockwheel 16 for the longer trips. I have occasionally run dry on a shorter ranged wheel and I can see using these wheels were I to live in the suburbs.

Wheels I would likely not buy; Gotway MSuper, Monster, KS18, basically those approaching or exceeding 50 pounds. Rather, I'd would use an electric bicycle or a gasoline motorcycle (or let's be honest my car) for those elevated speeds, but very probably stick a rack on the back to carry a small wheel.

Finally, I'd probably always want a historical wheel like a IPS 121, or solo wheel classic.

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The Monster, because there's nothing else like it.  And I do need a big wheel at over 200 lbs. myself and living around hills.

I'm not sure otherwise.

Probably the ACM for pure hill-climbing ability.

And then a choice between either the top level MSuper 3 and the Kingsong 18S.

I'd love something small enough to carry and pack under  a seat that could also tackle steep hills with aplomb (and a bit of battery to spare plus safety), but that machine apparently is a ways off in the future.

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