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  1. You could always say something like: "It's easy if you know how to ride a unicycle! ..you do know how to ride a unicycle right?" Optionally followed up in a very loud voice by: "Hey everybody! This guy doesn't know how to ride a unicycle!" <Point and laugh obnoxiously for effect>
  2. I'm one who never rides without 7 the piece gear loadout, and I think people are nuts to ride w/o a helmet. However, i'd think that, not say it to a stranger. Also, it's never my obligation to listen to a stranger about anything, a big fat NOPE to that.
  3. I've only worn them under my rain pants which are large. You could, but only for loose pants. they aren't bulky so much, but they are very solid, and you might sweat a bit if it was room temp. I wouldn't want to. However, i bought these because you can easily put them off/on w/o removing shoes (which I hated with slip-on type); and putting them on over pants was a selling point. Also, i've gone through several pair of elbow knee (G-Form, JBL, etc) because either the velcro wears out or the material stretches over time. These babies, you adjust the velcro one time and you're done for good, from then on you just snap them on with the three straps. Quality, comfort and a total feeling of protection check, check, and check! (I do not own stock in Leatt ) hehe.
  4. I wear: TSG Downhill , Demon Flexmeter double-sided , Leatt Dual Axis knee/shin . Still looking for a good elbow guard, but I can vouch for these items, no hesitation. I plan to get the Demon armored jacket for winter.
  5. Whatcha got there fellas? ..numbers? I like to go real fast!
  6. I adopt the motorcyclist adage wherein I assume every driver cannot see me, and assume if there is a car there, it may just turn into me or cut me off. Basically that all cars are autonomous and in any impact i will lose, so give them a wide berth and assume they will just run me over if I'm in the way. This only helps I I see the car though, and I never ride at night except in the winter when it's dark on my way to work. It's a dangerous hobby without a doubt, especially for those of us who have to ride near traffic.
  7. Buying from Gotway is like playing the market. On EWhweels.com : "Hold ..hold ..,I know they'll go a little higher on that voltage....Oh thank god i waited! knew it!! a 126v version! Haha! I knew it I win baby!"*Buys* Next day on the forums: "200v Nicola announced!" Dammit..
  8. Pfft! Hey Gotway, call me when you offer at least a 1 million volt! Sheesh!
  9. The shape of that seat looks like you would crush your balls leaning forward, lol. I love sittin', but that thing looks hilariously bad, haha.
  10. I think whatever wheel you learn on is the best wheel honestly. One can argue power, or size, weight tire width etc, but it's a foreign, weird and unique experience to ride at first in any case; and the basics transfer from one wheel to the next. You don't 'learn' again after you know how to ride, just like a bicycle. One thing to consider for sure is price, because maybe you won't like it, but I've never heard of such a thing! Riding is a dream once you are confident! Find some fresh paved black asphalt before they even paint it, you'll be hooked. Pad it up for scratches (inevitable learning). Just remember you will want more power and speed. 3" tires changed the game for me, haha. I always advise safety gear, but i'm very risk averse. I think A&E is doing a show about @Marty Backe "Extreme EUC Addictions" Be warned - It only takes one summer day carving uphill and you'll be addicted.
  11. No, I read fine, you are just pushing ridiculous paranoid idiocy.(edited).
  12. They are illegal here, I've been harrassed, but trying to stifle information is a silly notion, lol. You think an official will not just simply look up the law? Is the law hard to find where you live? Railing against people listing legality sounds ...well not sensible, i'll leave it at that. 99.99% of the time you will get a complaint or harrassed is on the spot, not after some person does research to see if that guy I saw riding by was doing something illegal. Then what, they cross-reference this forum to find your name and location, call in the feds to set up a sting operation? Hahaha.
  13. If you start to notice the wheel does odd 'shimmering' or shaking a little bit when stopped, say at a light, it could be the beginning of a cracked shell. My 18s did this, started with rubbing a bit on the shell. It was cracking along the pedal mounts.I bought a new shell and moved the guts over. Could just be the wheel rubbing the shell, but that still shouldn't happen.
  14. If you use Facebook, it's already too late for you. Also, why doesn't KS or GW see the potential sales point that developing a really robust, user-friendly app that includes wheel-specific information easily available? Match that to a simple onboard computer and a few sensors for (accurate) temps and voltage etc. No bullcrap location, phone number, etc. It would be a big selling point, especially compared to the competition. But then, GW won't put a piece of cloth over a speaker or include a mudguard, lol. (Not to say KS are much better)
  15. The police situation in Vancouver is grim. I recently emailed my representative (something I suggest all Canadians do), Dr. Hedy Fry complaining about this and 6 months later, got this reply a couple weeks ago: "I also would like to say that the interaction you experienced with the police officer was unacceptable. Harassment and threats has no place in the police department. The legality behind electric vehicles can be found here.<https://www.icbc.com/vehicle-registration/specialty-vehicles/Low-powered-vehicles/Pages/Default.aspx> On this page you’ll find that there is strict regulation on what kinds of vehicles are allowed and not allowed on the bicycle routes in BC. After looking into your electric unicycle, I would assume that its similar to a motorized skateboard or self-balancing board. These are not allowed to be on the road or bike lane because it does not meet provincial safety requirements. What troubles me is that it seems like these laws are enforced on a case-by-case basis by the officer(s) on duty. I think if one is to adopt a law, it should be consistent. Furthermore, the steep fine of over $600 dollars seems harsh as it is less than a speeding ticket in BC. I also am concerned about the nature of the law. Our city is becoming increasingly connected through different methods of sustainable, carbon free transportation, like your electric unicycle. If we are to move towards a greener economy, there should be legal, insured, and safe alternatives for people to use.This matter is overseen, however, by the provincial or municipal government depending on if you were affected by a BC law or a bylaw. The best way to have you voice heard is to contact the Premier of BC..(blah blah)" Not good At least she is concerned the ridiculous law isn't being applied evenly.
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