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  1. Well that settles it; barring any disaster the 16x now has no negatives for me. Silent motor, more responsive (like my MSX) and (?) more powerful motor in a 16x3 wheel, cut off switch.. I-I have something in my eye.. No! It cannot be ..the one! Something must be wrong somewhere..any mudflap? I knew it! No mudflap! This wheel sucks! I kn-.. what's that? It has a mudflap? You win this round Kingsong.
  2. Paypal is just another tech tyrant company trampling on the people's rights in pursuit of political, as well as financial means. There is a reason these tech tin pots suddenly discover any competitor is a "racist/misogynist/anti-whatever"and deplatform them. It serves their political ends and l keeps competition out. If Paypal has done this, you can expect the others to mostly follow suit.
  3. It would be interesting to see Gotway embrace the "big long distance" wheel niche of the Monster and design it from the ground up with that in mind, rather than just a wheel with 'the biggest tire.' Accept and market it as such; a large, heavy SUV-type ride that is like nothing else for that long ride. Powerful, fast cruising speed, long distance, massive comfortable pedals, not your 'going to the store' wheel. Improvements such as a sturdier shell, reinforced screw settings, maybe some hardened rubber on the edges etc to recognize and accept it's very heavy and it will get dropped onto its side now and then. Silent motor, a comfortable ergonomic seat that has been designed and thought-out to set a new standard, large, high pedals, a discrete but functional trolley for the times it's handy, speakers, etc. I bet there would be room for Gotway to capture the giant-class of wheel market if they wanted. Possibly a 2500w motor, but I think 2k with 2400wh battery is sufficient if they can make it work. The "Roadster"
  4. Mobilize anyone you can on FB and elsewhere, here, etc. Maybe calls to legislators, emails, a petition, local paper? Push the environmental angle. I'm no believer in gov't doing what's right, unless that happens to align with what gets them re-elected (sweet sweet cash).
  5. We just need a marketing team. 'Efoldi", it rolls off the tongue! "What's that you're riding?" 'Why, this is my electri-.." "Zzzz, oh sorry I dozed off there. Hey! look at that guy on his Efoldi!"
  6. I explained to a coworker that this must be a tiny taste of what fame is like. Strangers come up to you all the time and just start asking questions or even filming you. Oddly, the first question most ask is how much is it? Which to me is rude to ask a stranger right off the bat. I find it annoying most times because 1) I'm sick to death of repeating the answers; and 2) I generally dislike people anyway, and I don't want to chat with them. I do always try to be polite but pretty firm about cutting off and riding away now. Elderly people always ask but to them I am totally courteous and patient obviously. Edit: I definitely feel we need to be 'good ambassadors' for EUCs, I want people to see the EUC and we riders as a positive thing for the community. I just don't spend much time on it after 3 years or so of being asked just about every single day, haha.
  7. Will that hold an MSX? I wonder if it's "'69 Les Paul" rated
  8. The gov't doesn't like to grant liberties to the people unless they are paying heavily for it through licences, insurance, gas taxes, parking, fines and so on. They force people into cars, then they tax people to 'stop pollution' 🤡 Clown World indeed. Taxing a problem always is the only solution with gov't ever notice that? We can get to work everyday with zero emissions, but no, pushing us into gas guzzlers then taxing CO2 to 'make it go away' is the ing government's solution. For governments there is no power n saying 'yes', you have to force the people to come beg you for their liberty so you can charge them for it. /rant
  9. There will never come a day when I believe government is anything other than an evil parasite on the people. I have no person in less regard or respect than a politician - except their liberal media stenographers.
  10. Kingsong need to keep the 18s form factor. I will always love my 18s! It could use a 2k motor though.
  11. I feel a huge noticable difference between my 2.5" KS18S and my 3" MSX. Big enough I won't but any wheel under a 3" tire now (since 16" is the smallest I'd buy)
  12. One of the worst things I can imagine seeing in the local paper (in regards to EUCs) is that some drunk idiot hurt themself or someone else riding drunk That would screw ever single one of us, especially in places like nanny-state Canada. I don't drink myself, but I can't see how anyone could ride buzzed in public (putting others at risk) in this day & age where a DUI is akin to murder in many places. Stick to the driveway or backyard. EUC + booze/coke = good idea or bad idea?
  13. Hatchet


    Very good ad, rocking tunes and well illustrated breakdown of the parts. The only thing missing was a quick stats summary at the end, wheel size, battery, motor options. It looks solid, waterproof and very very nice in the white/off white combo. That is a 3' tire right?
  14. I'm surprised to read that about NZ but not so much England. I feel lucky now to only be dealing with jagoff cyclists rather than knife wielding thugs.
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