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  1. They sent you some boards that failed within minutes? We really need a US manufacturer, lol.
  2. A car can't be surprised. No one mentioned magic. A driver who can legally drive, should not be surprised when a siren, lights, and all other traffic is clearly indicating an ambulance is approaching. You pull over, that's the law. The original story indicates a careless rider.
  3. Hmm. My first reaction is the EUC rider is at fault for wearing headphones so loud he couldn't hear a siren of a police car, it must have been very loud. If you cut off your ability to hear then you are responsible for not hearing the siren no? Everyone knows emergency vehicles occasionally must drive fast and dangerously, they warn you with lights & sirens. People's lives are in danger. Put it this way; here, the law is when a siren is approaching, all traffic must pull off to the side of the road or simply stop in place at an intersection until the emergency vehicle passes. So if a driver gets t-boned by an ambulance because they had their stereo so loud they couldn't hear a siren, is that the ambulance/cop's fault? Nope. Personal responsibility means the EUC rider shouldn't be in effect 'deaf' while riding in traffic for no reason except they want to be. In my opinion, with the info provided the rider was fully at fault here.
  4. One of the biggest reasons I'd want a Monster is seated riding. It's just ..civilized. It's too much wheel for my needs though, I'd never be able to justify it.
  5. Does Gotway really make these wheels and sell them without ever testing them at all? The cost of these wheels is pretty high, the idea you can't even expect the minimum of competence or QA is quite disturbing. If it weren't for ewheels, we'd be screwed. I hope to god no one gets hurt or thrown into traffic. I suppose Gotway are immune from culpability being in China & all. Maybe a US manufacturer could flip the script make some bootlegged wheels!
  6. If I were buying on ewheels and had these two options I would buy larger battery certainly. Personally, I'm not buying a 10" wheel for speed, but for last mile / fun / learning etc. I also agree that any wheel you will lift requires a cut off button. IMO a cut off button is far more useful and practical than a lightshow on the wheel for example.
  7. I don't subscribe to the 'learner wheel' idea. I personally have never seen anyone decide they don't want to ride an EUC after learning, they do however almost always want more power and speed. So why bother? You can learn on any wheel, like you can learn to drive any car and transfer the skills to a different car or truck.I suggest you get an MSX unless you are planning very very long rides mostly on roads, get a Monster.
  8. I wouldn't ride w/o my helmet mirror. It's the same as a rearview in a car, you don't stare at it, lol. Your eyes quickly dart to the mirror and back to the road in a flash I have all the info i need about the situation behind me. I cannot imagine twisting my body to look behind me all the time (meaning I am not watching the road). Forget that noise. Also, by slightly turning your head a tiny bit, you can see everything in a wide sweep behind you, still in the time it takes to blink pretty much. I DO turn my head to look back at cars at times, if there is a right turn that might have them turn in front of me, so I'll look back and make sure they see me.Eye contact and a friendly wave goes a long way, put drivers at ease to.
  9. For what it's worth, and at the risk of possible embarrassing @Jason McNeil, EUCs in North America & beyond would be nowhere near as successful (nor would this forum I suspect) if Jason weren't doing the job he is. I don't know him personally (we rode together once here in Van) but I trust him, based on years of interaction, and action, on his part. *Send that free wheel to my home address
  10. I have to agree and I'm glad you brought this up @AtlasP. I've thought the same thing about the ewheels site for years (the site, not the company or Jason). One of the main reason I'd like to see a modern website for ewheels is because the EUC companies don't have one worth visiting. Plus it's pretty bad in its current form by today's standards. Good to hear @Jason McNeil
  11. I look at this reporter and I think: "This guys definitely knows cool". Edit: @2 Drinks Behind beat me to it.
  12. BC is finally looking into changing the electric scooters, etc laws. Now, we need to be cautious here, because when the gov't gets involved they generally screw up what was working beforehand. I expect licences, insurance, etc, as the gov't is always looking to take more of the money we earn for their filthy filthy doings. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/b-c-government-to-consider-new-laws-for-e-scooters-electric-unicycles-segways-and-more It could be the end of the dreaded $600+ fine from the jackbooted debt collectors for the crime of riding a unicycle! If you live in BC or even Canada at all, please take a few minutes to write to the Ministry of Transportation, and politely encourage them, let them know there are people who care and are watching. I see a lot of bicyclist **** whining already about "make them stay on the road, bike roads are for our entitled asses!" Expect a helmet law, probably insurance cost, but at least we would be free of the heavy hand of the totalitarian state fines. Please write an encouraging email (as I just did) to Minister.Transportation@gov.bc.ca to the attn of Claire Trevena (who is in the story for the Ministry). Let's get this thing done BC! Tell your Facebook groups etc!
  13. 18650 are sooooo 2018! Everyone's into 21700 now!
  14. Dunno what to tell you. I climb hills fine on the MSX. Better than the 18s, which is much lacking in power by comparison.
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