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  1. Awww, spit, she's a beaut! Damn I'd like to see that in a nice red or blue with black detailing. ..also, that dirty tire bothers me, I want to clean it.
  2. I had no idea there was a cooking fan, I can make eggs on the go!
  3. UK cops? I'm surprised they didn't charge him with hate speech for saying "Hi guys" and possibly mis-gendering the poor police, lol.
  4. You left out the second part of my sentence, losing the context. Which was that they are innovating. As to Gotway, i don't hang out here very often, but I don't see them being bashed much since the old oscillation problem a few years ago. Since the MSX, I think they are well regarded. Gotway also put out wheel after wheel without much QC and have had many issues in the past, garnering the rep they had back then, but not so much anymore. As I said, Inmotion are innovating at least, so cut them some slack. Anyone can throw a bigger motor in a fatter shell with some LEDs, people have been asking for suspension for years, Inmotion spend (likely) a lot of time & money on R&D to design such a system (a big deal IMO), and what do we see? battery & speed complaints. That was my point.
  5. I'd be interested to see this wheel going down stairs and of course on a root / bumpy path like @Unventor describes above. With a 3" tire + suspension it might be a 'curb-slayer'
  6. I'm curious about the weight of the rider, it would be really nice (though maybe unrealistic at this stage) to be able to firm / loosen up the suspension for heavy riders or off road conditions. I genuinely hope they did this well, because seeing the positive reaction will prompt the other manufacturers to adopt suspension as well, and competition is good for all concerned. I'm a city rider / commuter, been saving up for a KS16x but If this wheel is as well engineered as I think Inmotion is capable of, it'll be my next wheel, ugh! have to save a lot more though. I started out pretty unimpressed, but now I'm kind of excited for it. I want to see how it stand up to Kuji's abuse, that guy is fearless.
  7. I say cut Inmotion some slack and give them credit for pushing the EUC forward with some innovation. I want to see this bad boy in action. I definitely wish all the manufacturers were trying new things, the EUC is getting a bit stale design wise and needs more QoL improvements. Another row of bloody rainbow lights ain't gonna cut it..
  8. I withhold judgement until I see the wheel in action by our usual gang of early reviewers. The only real point of interest to me is the suspension, so far. Let's see it perform. Thinking of someone like Kuji riding this makes me wonder what happens when you bottom-out the suspension after a drop or jump. *Smash!*
  9. Oh please. You're in Germany. 'nuff said. London has a massive number of knife attacks, the anti-american bias is strong.
  10. Hatchet

    MSuper Pro?

    I'd at least try to move them to the top of the wheel on the slope in front of/behind the handle so they point up at you in a cone instead of directly outward. Then you have the water issue with rain. Still, the tech exists, I see waterproof shower speakers on amazon, Gotway have access to this tech right? I'd really much rather no speakers than poorly-thought-out speakers I'd end up watching a 'how to fix' youtube video with @Marty Backe, ha. We'll see what they do, maybe it'll all be ok!
  11. Hatchet

    MSuper Pro?

    I thought the new model would have the Nicola/ACM flat-sandpaper pedals. Maybe that would be retailer-specific.She's a beaut though! No doubt about it! ..oh the speakers though, seem an obviously, laughably bad idea right? That's not just me who was like ..wha? Hahaha.
  12. Hatchet


    Yeah i'll just comment once more on it so as not to derail the thread, but the Quest is an excellent option, you can take it with you and share with friends, no PC required, but can now be connected to one if you want that. It's pretty great. Also, just like EUCs, once you get a taste of real VR, you want more, it's quite incredible for chatting etc online with avatars, playing with friends, etc. Much more than gaming.
  13. Hatchet


    The Oculus Quest is a good VR setup if you don't want to go too high end, (around $399) it doesn't need a powerful PC, all self contained with pretty good performance, but the Valve Index is about the best on the market currently if you want a true room-scale VR experience If you can drop a cool grand on it. For enthusiasts like myself it's worth it, but it isn't for everyone. I'd steer clear of the Vive, I have one and it's been upgraded with the 'pro' version, but the Index is still far superior. VR has finally started to come out of the early crappy period and mature into some amazing experiences. Google Earth in VR is incredible. Google cardboard is a neat toy, while a true VR headset puts you 'there' with full 6 degrees of motion, haptic feedback, individual finger tracking and 3d positional audio. There is no comparison @Marty Backe If you're interested and a little disorientated over all the various options, try watching some of Mike's videos 'VR Oasis' on youtube. Don't listen to luddites claiming VR is 'strapping a screen to your face', it's very cool. Watching movies in 3d or videos like yours is just the start.
  14. As far as speed, power and battery size, the current gen checks all the boxes for me. I never lack for any of those on my MSX 1600wh. I'm looking for some QoL improvements nowadays, I'd like to see a V2 of the 16x with some improvements. It might be interesting to see KS try their hand at a 20"x 3" 3000w wheel to compete with Gotway's dominance of the big wheels. A big wheel with KS quality would be pretty cool.
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