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Ninebot ONE / Button ON-OFF Problem

Tomy Bien

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Hi everyone, 

I hope I will find an answer here...

After a shock, my Ninebot ONE was still working BUT the button ON/OFF didn't respond anymore.... I had to make the security mode on to turn off my Ninebot ONE..

Now the button ON/OFF still not responding and I cant turn on the device...

If anyone has the same facts please inform me about the thing I have to do to repair this button. 


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Go to SpeedyfeetUK and look at the video page.  I am pretty sure there is one on replacing the on off switch.  In any case, there are tutorials on taking off the shells and you can look at the underside of the switch to see if one of the wires came off, that is the most likely scenario after a shock.

If you don't want to take it apart because it is still less than one year old and under warranty just send it to the nearest Segway dealer and let them fix it.  Your post does not indicate your area but Segway has locations pretty much all over the globe.  Go to Ninebot.com for the location nearest you.  Good luck to you.

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As per @steve454 suggests - if still in warranty is still valid, get the dealer to fix it.

I had a similar issue with my NB E+ - in my case this turned out to be a fault with the control board. (The only way I could turn the wheel on was disconnecting and reconnecting the battery). The thread below describes a basic test you can perform to determine if the button is faulty.


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The button is cheap and easy to replace. Speedyfeet.co.uk still has them in stock for £9.96.

Also, on the P/C/E/E+ make sure you haven't/don't pinch the on/off switch wires between the shell and the metal crescent frame at top. The wire insulation is easily damaged, and a short to the frame will cause the wheel to stay always on.

On 5/16/2021 at 10:45 AM, Dan Axtell said:

I had the same problem after water damage and the button is still unresponsive 

If you're referring to the NB Zs and not the older NB Ones, place a large desiccant pack on top of the on/off switch, seal it around the handle with stretch wrap or wide packing tape and let it sit for several days or longer.

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