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Doubling KS14c 340wh to 680 wh. Possible?


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@Smoother To do this is absolutely no problem at all, you have one complete empty battery bay in the 340Wh version, another 340Wh Standard Kingsong pack will fit easily. Radwerks will also , almost certainly have something to fit. @Jason McNeil may also be able to help if you ask him, but he only lists the 840Wh pack on his UK website: https://www.wheelgo.com/product/king-song-840wh-battery-pack/

What you will additionally need is two 'Y' leads so you can parallel up both the charging leads (red Deans plugs) and the power leads (orange or yellow XT-60 plugs) Jason may also be able to supply those or anywhere that stocks RC model parts will have those I.e. 



and (to show another company) 

http://www.overlander.co.uk/parallel-lead-with-t-plugs-deans-type.html this one has a 'Y' lead or Hobbyking do a block version (see below)


Of course, charging in parallel will take twice as long, or you may want to invest in a higher current charger or buy a second standard charger and get the brilliant Charge Doctor which will not only allow you to use two chargers together but also monitor charging and switch off at a set point below full charge to improve pack lifetime.  I have only one charger currently but , see below, you can see where the second charger plugs in next to the first. Make sure you do get the version with two inputs.



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