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Review Your Follow and Notification Settings

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Up until today (Oct 19, 2016) all accounts were default to not "Automatically follow new content I post" and to not "Automatically follow content I reply to".  I have just now set both to default on for all newly registered accounts (previously created accounts remain unchanged).

I believe that the majority of the members don't even know there's a place to configure these things and since all current accounts defaulted to "off" I recommend that you at least review the settings and to consider turning both to "on" (or not) so as not to miss replies to your posts.  This also gives you the opportunity to customize all the different settings to your personal preference.  You can always change the settings at any time.

In my case, I've turned off email notifications to most everything so that the notification will only be an icon badge number on the bell icon.  You can also unfollow any topics when you lose interest in them (There is a Follow/Unfollow button with every sub-forum and topic).  Below is a screenshot of my personal settings that works well for me (Ignore the moderator-only settings).  You can reach this settings page by clicking the bell icon on the top of the page and then clicking the Notification Settings button.  (On mobile you need to click that "three horizontal lines icon" at the top right first.)

Click the link on the right for a version that you can magnify:  http://i.imgur.com/OzVsgQX.png


Click the link on the right for a version that you can magnify: http://i.imgur.com/OzVsgQX.png

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