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Brought my Ninebot One E+ Offroading


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So I decided to explore some offroad tracks at a nature reserve near my home after getting bored with traveling on smooth tarmac. Thought it would be a good workout and training of my skill


This was the route I planned out and the first few km felt relatively alright. All the way until I was mid way through the park when shit broke loose. Road was filled with large rocks, protruding tree roots. Spent about 1/4 the journey pushing and carrying the Ninebot. 


Poor Ninebot tipped about 10 times throughout the journey and I was completely exhausted pushing and carrying the Ninebot


There was even a small stream that I had to cross. Thank God I wore hiking boots.


The enormity of the task was apparent but there was no way I was gonna turn back and go through all that again.


Powered through what I could, carried the Ninebot the rest of the way.


About 4hrs later, I was back home with 41% battery remaining. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

I'm using a Kenda K-Rad K905 thread pattern tire at 45PSI and it held up well despite the moist ground and slippery rock surface. Dug and clawed its way though without much complaint and no punctures too despite the sharp rock edges. Can definitely recommend it for those who are interested. Its 9.99 USD at BMX guru.


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