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  1. Am curious as to what is the current output for the USB port. If it's a 2.4A high current output, the possibilities are far greater.
  2. It's not the most prudent of advice but so long as you gear up and ride sensibly, I've no reason to advise otherwise. Personally I've done about 200km which is about 120+ miles and I hopped on an ACM at an euc showroom to do atest drive. Control and power feels exactly the same as the Ninebot E+ Didn't push it at all so to me they feel exactly the same. Of course the msuper is bigger and heavier and might be slightly different. Do change the setting to powerful mode or madden mode. It feels like you're on a boat otherwise and it's really noticeable even just by pushing with your hands.
  3. If it were me, I'd just jump on it and go in a heartbeat. Though that would most probably leave me not wanting to use the MCM4 except for quick runs to the store or smth. Also worried if that shiny new shell would get scratched up. But that's EUCs in a nutshell. Just go for it and get the new matte replacement shell for the msuper when the time comes. Have fun with your new wheel(s) and do report back your results! Have fun and stay safe
  4. Wow that's some serious dough to put into an electric unicycle. May I ask how heavy are you? Interested to see if the 80% warning for the MSuper v3 is higher than the ACM16 for the same load. I also just put in an order for an ACM 820wh and am patiently waiting for its arrival. Congrats on your purchase!
  5. Have you noticed a significant loss in capacity of the battery after having done so much mileage? Any specific part of the unicycle failed or required replacement?
  6. Singapore is one of the few countries to have embraced the new transportation modes: Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) including EUCs, E-Scooters, E-Wheelchairs etc. Singapore is a small city with high population and traffic density. With aims to curb car / motorcycle population and keep our roads free, the authorities have taken to encourage public and alternative modes of transport as a first / last mile solution. Cycling infrastructure and dedicated inter-town networks were built to support the adoption of cycling and these infrastructures are now expanded to accomodate the use of PMDs. An advisory panel comprising of the Chief Executive of the local Land Transport Authority / Commissioner of the Traffic Police / Healthcare & Occupational Therapists / Heads of Interest Group Communities and other notable representatives got together to conduct field studies and focus group discussions before putting forth their recommendations. These were adopted fully by the government and will be implemented by the end of this year. The study findings and recommendations are presented in the article attached below. Hope this is of help to you and our budding EUC community. https://www.lta.gov.sg/data/apps/news/press/2016/20160317_AMAPPanelReport(final).pdf
  7. I saw the video posted by Speedyfeet UK and his ACM was using the upgraded pedals straight out the box. Do check it out on YouTube. I checked with my local dealer before making an order for a Gotway ACM yesterday and they assured me after verifying with Gotway factory that I will be getting the 12 Mosfets upgraded pedal version. Just waiting for delivery which will be 2-3 weeks later as they are back-ordered and are having more shipped from China.
  8. That's what I meant as well.
  9. Simply: Work done (Energy) = Force X Displacement = Mass X Acceleration X Displacement. (ignoring rotational kinetic energy) Power = Torque X Wheel RPM With a larger wheel, the motor has to exert a larger torque as the frictional torque from the surface will be larger (moment arm larger). This is countered by the slower wheel RPM. Thus it is right so say that a larger wheel will travel further with each rotation, but it will have to exert more torque to do so. Thus there are no energy gains / losses. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Back to the first equation: a larger wheel diameter will give a larger displacement but will require a larger force to do so. If we do decide to consider rotational KE: KE(Rotational) = (1/2) moment of inertia X wheel RPM A larger diameter wheel will have a much larger moment of inertia (tires especially, doubling the diameter of the wheel results in almost 16X (simplified) the moment of inertia). This will absorb a large amount of the energy that is output by the motor and will increase exponentially with increasing diameter of the wheel. This will limit the top end speed of the EU. This gentleman here has put it exactly if we consider rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is a whole topic on its own with much more variables to consider.
  10. YaocH

    9B Metrics

    Same thing happened to me. I did a long run of about 23km and when I checked around 14Km, it was still recording. Somewhere after that, close to 20km it showed "New Run" with the existing run data missing. Also using iPhone 6 64GB with large empty capacity.
  11. So I decided to explore some offroad tracks at a nature reserve near my home after getting bored with traveling on smooth tarmac. Thought it would be a good workout and training of my skill This was the route I planned out and the first few km felt relatively alright. All the way until I was mid way through the park when shit broke loose. Road was filled with large rocks, protruding tree roots. Spent about 1/4 the journey pushing and carrying the Ninebot. Poor Ninebot tipped about 10 times throughout the journey and I was completely exhausted pushing and carrying the Ninebot There was even a small stream that I had to cross. Thank God I wore hiking boots. The enormity of the task was apparent but there was no way I was gonna turn back and go through all that again. Powered through what I could, carried the Ninebot the rest of the way. About 4hrs later, I was back home with 41% battery remaining. It was an enjoyable afternoon. I'm using a Kenda K-Rad K905 thread pattern tire at 45PSI and it held up well despite the moist ground and slippery rock surface. Dug and clawed its way though without much complaint and no punctures too despite the sharp rock edges. Can definitely recommend it for those who are interested. Its 9.99 USD at BMX guru.
  12. I concur. However, if the electrical power output is not increased by the firmware (for reasons such as heat or certain other design limitations) we will expect to see a decrease in current ie torque. because simplified, Electrical power = Current X Voltage Mechanical power = Torque X wheel rotation speed By conservation of energy: current X voltage X efficiency (<1.0) = torque X wheel rotation speed With an increase in voltage, for the same power output, we can only expect a decrease in current supplied.
  13. As a mechanical engineer, I know that power = torque X wheel rotation speed You can't get higher torque and speed if the output power is the same. And even then you'll have to look at the torque vs rotation speed curves. I'm mostly skeptical and think that sellers will say all they want just to push sales. Not targeting anyone. Just putting this out there so that we all know you can't have your cake and eat it. Unless the power output is raised. Which somewhere I think linnea or Jane mentioned that the motor is the same, only voltage raised.
  14. Thanks guys for all your responses! Have decided to just enjoy what I have at the moment and upgrade when I can afford to get a new wheel. Cheers
  15. I usually hate to travel on the ninebot when it starts tilt back due to low battery so I charge it up when it's slightly below 50%. I'm surprised others are not getting the same mileage as I am coz when I'm at full charge the meter indicates that I can go only go 23km which made me think I had a lemon of a battery and got the short end of the stick. Will probably use a fitness app to track and post back subsequently. Might run it down a little more just to see how far it goes. I'd figure somewhere close to 30km sounds about right.
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