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Found 15 results

  1. Guinea pig time! I am excited to share with the forum that the knobbiest EUC knobby tyre I have ever seen has been shipped out and is on its way to me. If all goes well, this is supposed to fit a 16x or Nikola. Was wondering if the tire/tyre wizards out here in this forum can share what to expect in terms of reduced mileage and traction on smooth surfaces.
  2. Question for those of you who will be getting the Veteran Sherman. Which tire/tyre will you be requesting with your order?
  3. I would really love to hear about some other new and inventive tricks, especially original and extreme as well as high, steep and far....and of course dangerous! I made up some sick new tricks the other day at the skatepark, I am especially stoked on the "Ollie Pedal Slide"!! This need to do new things with new stuff all comes from being a skateboarder, snowboarder, snow-skateboarder and any other skillful sport and adventure I have found. How about you? P.S. My new skatepark video loading later today! ....but here's a preview pic of one of the first "Ollie Pedal Slide" I landed that day, it was only a 24 inch slide (120cm or so). I have been sliding them about four or five feet long now (165 cm or more) with faster landings and up to higher ledges! So let me know if ya got anything that you have done or are trying to do or even just thinking about doing. Holler!! Peace fo'real - Sidestreet Reny
  4. Hi there, I´d really like to start a yt channel about euc. mainly it will cover the offroad part but I will make videos on the street to if I get the right eq! i find it really hard to get people to subscribe to my channel, would be great if you do so when you like what you see i hope a few of you enjoy it !
  5. My boys and I in denver summer 2016. They picked it up quickly and I'm always bragging on them. It's a great time with family.
  6. Hey guys & gals, I am starting a new project that requires that I purchase an EUC. I will mostly be using it in an off-road setting, going up hiking trails in the mountains mostly. The problem is, i'm completely new to electric unicycles and don't know what my best purchasing options are for my situation. I will need to purchase from a company which will have replacement parts readily available if something were to break on me. Are there any EUCs designed specifically for off-road use that you'd recommend? Any help is much appreciated!
  7. Hi, I unexpectedly found myself on a gravel track the other day for the first time. I missed a turn and Google Maps sent me down a forest track. I decided to give it a shot because it didn't seem too rough, but about halfway in, it got pretty gnarly (glad I'd been practising low-speed turns; being able to make sharp turns at less than 5 km/h to avoid big rocks definitely saved the day!). Luckily, I'd decided to strap my (cheap) Gopro (knock off) to my helmet that day, for the first time, so I actually have footage of the ride. My question is...how strong is the V8's axle (I weight 77 kg / 170 lb fully dressed and wearing winter coat + all protective gear) and how bad is this kind of track for the V8? Do I risk damaging the wheel on the kind of terrain shown below (and going the speed I was going)? Thanks! P.S. Sorry for the shaky footage...no image stabilisation...
  8. Hello everyone. After doing a little more than 2500 km with my S2, it's time for me to change my tire. My tire became flat on the middle who totally changed the behavour of the wheel. I'm wondering if anyone put offroad tire like this one on his S2 or another type of uniwheel who was designed with road tire and changed for offroad and could give me a feedback. On a topic, i've readed someone saying it totally changed the behavour but in a terrible way ?. Anyone could confirm that ? And by the way if anyone know how to remove anti puncture bomb projection ? I have all over my rim ?. I didn't saw any solution except abrasive stuff like sandpaper Thanks :D
  9. up until recently I was comparing voltage, motor power and top speed, dreaming about my next wheel. Then I got to ride a MSuper v2 on offroad trails and I knew my next wheel needs to be the monster... or bigger!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdPwRxrwh0w yes there was a difference switching fom V5F to KS16, but that was nothing compared to the 18.9" and 2.5 inch wide tire. You can follow paths you wouldn't dare to on a smaller wheel. Also, I get more enjoyment driving offroad then driving on paved streets, which feels kinda boring. upps, this should be moved to general , tx
  10. Hi, as Kingsong riders know, the KS16 (and possibly KS18 too ?) tilts a little bit forward when entering curves. I got used to that (though didn't recognize such a behaviour at an Inmotion V5F+ for example), and its no problem (actually I calibrated my KS16 to a 3 degree angle and am thinking about increasing it to 5 degrees). But, what really disturbs me, is, that the KS16 tilts a little bit forward when one enters the meadows or rides on a bumpy road (e.g. gravel road). This makes it more difficult than necessary to feel comfortable on the wheel at offroad rides. What is the reason, why did Kingsong implement it that way ? I would strongly prefer if the wheel keeps the same angle, regardless if I drive on asphalt or a bumpy offroad track.
  11. SOURCE ATOMAN 100 Большое спасибо за эти видео, отличная работа ATOman 100 !
  12. So I decided to explore some offroad tracks at a nature reserve near my home after getting bored with traveling on smooth tarmac. Thought it would be a good workout and training of my skill This was the route I planned out and the first few km felt relatively alright. All the way until I was mid way through the park when shit broke loose. Road was filled with large rocks, protruding tree roots. Spent about 1/4 the journey pushing and carrying the Ninebot. Poor Ninebot tipped about 10 times throughout the journey and I was completely exhausted pushing and carrying the Ninebot There was even a small stream that I had to cross. Thank God I wore hiking boots. The enormity of the task was apparent but there was no way I was gonna turn back and go through all that again. Powered through what I could, carried the Ninebot the rest of the way. About 4hrs later, I was back home with 41% battery remaining. It was an enjoyable afternoon. I'm using a Kenda K-Rad K905 thread pattern tire at 45PSI and it held up well despite the moist ground and slippery rock surface. Dug and clawed its way though without much complaint and no punctures too despite the sharp rock edges. Can definitely recommend it for those who are interested. Its 9.99 USD at BMX guru.
  13. Here's a 30 minute video of my first time "off-roading". (See description for time-stamps.) I had a blast and might have a new addiction. Unfortunately most of the trails are closed in my area so I won't get to do it often, but I very much look forward to doing it again soon.
  14. For while I thought how to attach a trolley handle, telescope type, to my Lhotz. Wasn't so sure about it's offroad safety and a bit worried it would touch my toes/shoes. Finally a got the idea: I had a badly bent old shcool 7/8" Renthal so I took the crossbar and brackets, some aluminium plate and a lot of sides. I fitted crossbar bracket around Lhotz 20mm SS handle, machined an aluminium plate for indexing, bent crossbar down to Lhotz front end, machined a piece of handlebar to attach it to the opposite end of crossbar. There is abs. too much free play / loose fittings, but despite of 1-2 cm play in both ways, this works. I already tested, I can push or pull the wheel even in stairs. On flat pushing is way more easier. Now I have trolley handle in my dual sport wheel - makes it true dual sport
  15. Spent the week at a youth church camp and took my Airwheel X8. It was amazing. It flew on the road, offroad, and up and down a really serious hill. The hill was so daunting that I used my strap to make sure I didn't bang up my Airwheel if it couldn't make it. But it had no problems. I'm impressed. Here's a video of me going around the camp and tackling the hill. https://youtu.be/hfoSAQcCRD0
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