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Why some brands will disappear...


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I was searching datat about Ninebot on the web, and i find an newpaper who's talking about SEGWAY-NINEBOT & steal of patents

Here the official document from the US International Trade Commission (USITC) https://www.usitc.gov/3168.htm

and the newspaper link to the article



Here the list of the investigate brands 

Powerboard LLC, Scottsdale, AZ; Metem Teknoloji Sistemleri San, Turkey; Metem Teknoloji Sistemleri San, Turkey; Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd., China; Airwheel, Netherlands; Airwheel, Hoboken, NJ; Fastwheel, China; Shenzhen Chenduoxing Electronic Technology Ltd., China, a.k.a. C-Star, China; Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., China; Hovershop, Placentia, California; Shenzhen Jomo Technology Co., Ltd., a.k.a. Koowheel, China; Guanghzou Kebye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a.k.a. Gotway, China; and Inventist, Inc., Camas, WA




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I wouldn't worry. If there's a sustainable market (I think there is) then the worst case scenario will be that these companies start paying royalties and our costs may go up a little. There's enough people who want these that they won't disappear. And in the absolute worst case, we all have to ride Solowheels :-(

But as a hedge, better stock up now ;-)

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6 minutes ago, Greg Spalding said:

it's amazing

just awesome

very appreciative for its inclusion here

Greg i have a question about american trade rules

by exemple in this case:

Ninebot pass FCC regulation tests and get autorization for the 3 different devices of Mini (N3M240 is the xiaomi mini for chinese market, N3M260 and N3M320 is the mini pro)

but the device N3M240 is not sell in America

but many amrican people import him

and Ninebot US don't want sell spare parts or give after sale service to these owners

Is it normal? When Ninebot have autorisation for the xiaomi device but no sell it, if an american get one by web and import, why he didn't could buy spare parts?



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i wish i could explain any of that

The things that go on in this country aren't mystery to most of us who live here

Considering our current election cycle and the two buffoons running for president anything is possible

I'm sorry that I have no better explanation but I hope that somebody else will read this and give us their opinion

by the way

THIS one...... 

which one of the above is it that you mentioned

it doesn't say here



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