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Join us for car free sunday in Copenhagen

Henrik Olsen

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What would be more obvious than to run on Ehjul on the streets of Copenhagen when the central portion is transformed into a lively urban space without cars between 15.00 to 20.00 on Sunday. Support this unique opportunity to blast through the streets of Copenhagen with EUC Denmark .

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1 hour ago, Henrik Olsen said:

@HEC yes 15.00 at Nørreport station .. I suggest we meet at Kaffetårnet at the square outside the station 

You should definitely join, this will be fun.. 

Great - I'll try to join you then. I guess it would be hard to miss bunch of people with EUCs there ;) What distance roughly are you planning to ride? Just so I know if I need to log around the charger as well ...

Are you bringing your KS-16 or the new M Super V3? I'd love to test that one :) 

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