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ACM vs KS16

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Has anyone ridden both? Id like to know how they compare. I understand the differences in features and specs, but would like to know in terms of the overall feel, comfort, ease of control, etc. i have ridden ks16 but not the ACM

Based pn the features/ specs, obvious differences are:

KS16 PROs over Gotway ACM:

integrated trolley, integrated lights, integrated speakers, better looks ( subjective), costs less.

Gotway ACM pros over KS16

has a carrying hadle where add ons like lights etc can be attached to, more torque, higher speed, easier to take apart ( due to no lights, speakers), integrated usb port


Anyone ridden both and can compare the feel, the control, comfort, etc?


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1 hour ago, PriestHood said:

OMG. That's sad.

Communism must not be cool.

Yeah. The usual things like others in traffic can be focused on the light show and not focused to the traffic. If you just use it as an indicator light it should be accepted/ tolerated. 

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The light show is not the most important feature for me to have. Id prefer music but i can always buy a usb powered wireless speaker and permanently attach to the wheel if i want to.

id like to know more in terms of handling, control of the wheel, mass distribution, comfort of riding,. Not sure if many peopke here have tried both though,

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I have an ACM and I have ridden around 30mn or 1h max on KS16B. Everything seems to be pretty good for KS16B. KS16B pedals are mmore comfortable. You can do everything quite easily. But, ACM torque is so secure and so efficient in all context. ACM is really more stable. It is easier to turn left or right with KS16B. When it comes for asking for a power, ACM is far better then KS16B. ACM is heavy (anyway it probably contributes to make the wheel more stable)

I don't need music, lights or something like that.  

Don't forget that I think that KS16B is a very good wheel. It does everything well.


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Regarding the pedals , you probably have the old smaller pedals. Gotway made them bigger for acm now. Why woukd you say ks16 is easier to turn? Because of the weight? I thought their weights are about the same. Is it the weight distribution that is more concentrated at the perimeter on the acm that makes it harder to turn?

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  • 3 months later...

i would like to leave a question to you guys on both the gotway acm16 and the ks......




its about the inner shelf or case itself......i dont bump alot as im always out on my solowheel, which has a highly resistent case..... has anyone ridden a solowheel that could gently tell how it compares with the gotways acm case material ?






merry xmas


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The Solowheel has a special driving style like the Firewheel.  You can't compare a Solowheel with this new generation EUCs. 

The battery capacity is much more different. You can't do a long trip with a Solowheel. Have a look on meet ups. Solowheel riders always search for a power plug in a break to charge the battery.

The Solowheel looks like to be a proven build but they missed to build EUCs based on customer requirements/ moving targets. Who is still selling Solowheel? 

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To answer the question of this old thread:

We've a KS16 and an ACM (latest pedals, V2). I like the ACM much more against the KS16. Driving behaviour is different.


We own a KS16 680 Wh. I bought it for my wife. As she had problems with her feets on the KS16 it was handed over to my daughter. My wife and me having trouble with the KS16 driving on a road and keep a track/ lane on the right side. I'm talking about this roads between towns. Cars taking over and you like to drive as right as possible. It needs a lot of concentration to keep this track/ lane. 

The KS16 is sportive to ride. Very agile for 16"

The handle bar is best in class.

Step on can hurt because of the battery cases.

You need to be very accurate with the positioning of your left and right feets. If not oriented in the same position you get a roll. Maybe the issue for the not keeping on track/ lane.



The ACM has a different concept. It's sportive/ agile (more than the KS16) and a nice long distance runner. The ACM combines sportive/ aggressive ride styles with totally relaxed ride on longer tours. It keeps the lane/ track with no need to adjust the direction every second. It just keep the track. The ACM is the new EUC of my wife, a replacement for the KS16. I took it for a nice ride from Basel to Muhlhouse. I've driven most of the track with tilt back. Never driven so fast. After realising I get a battery drain problem I had radically to reduce the speed and enjoyed the environment.

The cushions on the left and right are good. 

Our ACM is fitted with the original GotWay trolley handle. As it's mounted on the back it's indirect and way from the level of the KS16. 



One downside of GotWay is the iOS App. The gauges are flickering with the values. Shame on this. Also the App doesn't show you the values you set. 


Battery capacity

No question regarding KS16/ACM. Take the bigger 820 Wh option. The stronger motor and the different style to ride them takes more power as on the generation before.



I personally come from the IPS T340 (horrible, now driven by my son) and went over to a MSuper V2, upgraded to 887 Wh. I'm more the 18" rider and like longer tours (30-40 km). It has a very nice tour capability and stable ride. Having the choice to buy a 16" it's no question: I would take the ACM.

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1 hour ago, TiagoFigueiredo said:

Oliver H you missed the point of my question buddy. Read again tough.



I can't answer this. Solowheel is not in my scope. No experience with this inventor/ dinosaur. I only know them from tours/ meet ups. 

The case of the KS16 looks to be more resistant. But I still have a broken KS16 black edition on my workbench with faulty Hall sensors and a broken case (from a crash) from a guy of our local riding crew. The ACM case made much improvements over the diva case of the MSuper. 


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