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  1. I've just given 5 stars on Google Play @Seba as I wrote you be email, may I suggest you just forget people who complain about everything. We really appreciate this app. There are so many features in EUC World so at the time being there is no app that can compete with it. So, if people do not like this, they are free to use another app. Let's try to understand why these people can be unhappy with EUC World. We cannot try to help them if they are just insane. Let's find something on which perhaps we can help them. If people don't know to use EUC World, perhaps we need to have a
  2. It seems that we can sniff bluetooth packets but we need the following device (for example): https://wiki.elvis.science/index.php?title=Ubertooth_One,_2.4_GHz_wireless_development_platform And with the following process: https://wiki.elvis.science/index.php?title=Bluetooth_Sniffing_with_Ubertooth:_A_Step-by-step_guide I'm just curious about bluetooth sniffing. @SebaI will try to send you app logs.
  3. I didn't know there is a Begode App now. Unfortunately, this morning on my Huawei P30lite, EUC World cannot discover my wheels :-(, but on my Samsung S4/LineageOS EUC World still works fine. I installed de Begode App and it can discover both wheels. After that, I started EUC World and it works. @Seba I don't know how you can "sniff" Begode App discover process or something like that but it seems that there is a room for improvement in the discover process. I have no idea on how to do that. I think, I definitely have a solution mixing Begode app for discover process, and EU
  4. The phone on which I made the experience I mentioned before is a Huawei P30lite (Android 10). I've tried to do the same thing with a Huawei P10lite (Android 8) but "Bluetooth Electronics" does not work properly on this device :-( I alse have an old Samsung Galaxy S4 with a lineageOS version of January 2nd 2021 and I couldn't connect to the wheels. I've just installed the latest version of lineageOS available today on my S4 and there is no need to use anything else but EUC World and it works fine . EUC World version has not changed between these 2 tests. I haven't installed open-gapp
  5. Hello @Seba, I would like the share with all of you guys and especially with you my last experience with EUC World. During these COVID days, I have not used my wheels so much. I had an older version of EUC World than what is available today. I have a Gotway Tesla v1 and a Gotway MSX 84V. Most of the time I ride with my MSX. I upgraded EUC World to 2.4.3 and everything worked fine with my MSX. A few days later, I tried to connect EUC World to the Tesla and it couldn't discover the wheel. The BAD NEWS: These last days, I try to play with riding modes "soft, medium, hard" and I am frust
  6. @Marty Backe can tell us something about the riding feeling. Does the sherman behave more like a gotway wheel than a kingsong wheel or an inmotion wheel ? Can you compare with another wheel (KS 18XL or MsuperX or Msuper Pro or perhaps a Monster) ? I'm not sure what I'm asking you is very clear so here an example. I think that riding de Nikola is really something between riding a Msuper X and a Tesla. You feel that you are riding a gotway wheel. First of all you recognize a MsuperX DNA and from time to time (and even more often) you are surprised to feel a typical Tesla behaviour. Then you re
  7. Competition is not *always* good for us. It may depend on what type of user you are. If most people like beautiful wheels, speakers, funny gadgets and so on.. but you are not this kind of users, unfortunately for you the manufacturers will put these things standard on their products and you will pay it even if you will never use it. Sometime it is welcome that some manufacturers stick on the main features. I'm especially focused on range right now so I'm interested in the Veteran wheel. But if 3000Wh wheels become a standard in few years and if it is enough for my needs (I think so) perhaps I
  8. Very good news for at least one (me) gotway user :-) What do you mean with "samsung" release ? Is it related to samsung watches ? Perhaps there is a little mistake in your post @Seba. Probably "samsung" release correponds to 1.0.10 instead of 1.1.10.
  9. @Seba I think it's time to update french translation. Can you send me the new xml tags please ? (Probably the whole file and since I need to know where I have to add new tags) Thank You, I'll test eucworld probably today
  10. @Marty Backe made a comparison between Nikola 84V and Nikola 100V and said that he can brake stronger with the 100V version. For that reason, if I have to choose a Nikola version, I will wait for the 126V
  11. Ok. Anyway We can choose the version which corresponds best to our usage. 84V wheel are ok for me. I'm more interested in more range.
  12. Anyway, wen already can order it on aliexpress from "Green and Fashion" for example. https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/33031454577.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.3e0e1ab0ZCxjf3&algo_pvid=adf7749f-364a-4b80-9162-34ed9701c365&algo_expid=adf7749f-364a-4b80-9162-34ed9701c365-0&btsid=f0073cc1-eb32-422e-b609-b07ed86e1fdf&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1,searchweb201603_52
  13. Yes, it is easier for users to apply caution but they are limited to what is available from the app. From security point of view, the default config should be maximum privacy and the app should let the user the ability to make some personal info to be public. A per user feature is generally more time consuming than global feature when it comes for the developer point of view. Anyway, some "key" feature deserve that we spend time developing them as it should be done. The point is to decide which feature should be considered as a key feature.
  14. @Seba: May I suggest you to make user's name more anonymous if you make these public tours visible to everyone. Perhaps we want to make the tour visible but not our identity. user-0013 or user-0067 should be ok. I think a registered user may see the nickname, login name or something like that. If you anonymize users, perhaps regulatory threat is not really an issue. Nonetheless, it may be wise not to show speed or something which can help compute the average speed if it may be touchy. Perhaps you can hide first and last kilometer.
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