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  1. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    @Seba and @palachzzz : FRENCH TRANSLATION: I've shortened some strings for the main screen as suggested by some french users. Here follows the last version of french translation files wheellog-french-0.4.zip
  2. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    @Seba: May I suggest you to create a "help" or "readme" or "info" section/menu or something similar. Some guys asked me to shorten some strings on the speedometer screen. I think it may be necessary/welcome to explain in details the meaning of these shortened strings. for that purpose it should be helpful to have a room to write these explanation. I guess you'll have to create a new entry in the file strings.xml to define de content of this help (or readme or info). If you are ok with that, I'll wait for this new entry in the file before sending you a new version of french translation.
  3. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    @Seba: I works fine with mu Huawei P10 lite. I think there is no bug in wheellog. From now on, I will use the P10 lite :-)
  4. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    Every suggestions are welcome. We do these things for us...
  5. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    @grattounet: Dans l'application il y a bien une différence entre "Vitesse Moyenne" et "Vitesse Moyenne En Roulant". Pour éviter toute ambiguïté, il me semble correct de garder le même vocabulaire dans toute l'application. Si en une heure, tu parcours 20 km tu vas avoir l'impression qu'à cet emplacement du devrais lire 20 km/h si on l'appelle "Vitesse Moyenne" or ce ne sera pas le cas. Tu auras une valeur supérieure. Le valeur affichée correspond bien à "la vitesse moyenne en roulant" ou "vitesse moyenne en mouvement". Je préfère garder "en roulant" car c'est déjà trop long comme ça Pour "Durée en mouvement": c'est exactement ça que ça mesure. Je trouve que "Durée Mouvement" n'est pas super clair. Je peux éventuellement enlever les espaces pour que ça tienne moins de place si c'est ça qui te semble ennuyeux. For those who do not speak french, I know that you can use google/translate but I'll try to sum up. The first point is to change "Average riding speed" to "Average speed". These 2 indicators are not the same thing ans both exist in the app so it's not accurate to change this string. It could make it confusing. The second point is just about shortening the string "Durée en mouvement". It can also make it confusing.
  6. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    That's correct. Ok I'll try to use another mobile phone. I have a "very" old Samsung Galaxy S4. I cannot use Gotway App on this device but Gotway App works fine with another device. I'll try with a Huawei P10 lite and I'll tell you (yes, you have noticed that I don't own the latest mobile phones ;-) )
  7. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    @Seba I confirm (again) that when a voice message alarm happens while voice messages reports are beeing played after that wheellog enters in a silent mode. It is uncomfortable. If we put an alarm it means that it may be triggered. It is not comfortable the fact it may "disable" voice messages.
  8. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    FRENCH TRANSLATION: @Seba: Here is the last version of french translation. I've forgotten to translate one item in strings.xml and I've made a minor change. USAGE REPORT: I wrote you that when voice alarm messages collide with repetitive reports wheellog seems to keep quiet after. Yesterday I put alarm threshold higher, there still was these kind of collision but everything worked fine. wheellog-french-0.3.zip
  9. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    Yes for sure, I will test it today and I will try to find shorter sentences (I have already tried but it is not easy. Perhaps should I decide not to use full/complete words in future release. If I can also ask french spoken users what they want to read). Let's test....
  10. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    Here is a new version of french translation. wheellog-french-0.2.zip
  11. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    FRENCH TRANSLATION: @Seba: The french translation of "average riding speed" is too long. How can I insert a "newline" in the <string> </string> ? In the main screen I can read only 60% of the string. Is "\n" OK ? I'm not sure it is the right way to cope with this issue. BUG REPORT: When an alarm is triggered while voice messages are beeing played, voices messages are stopped and I hear voice alarm message. After that, voice messages seem to be deactivated. The voice message icon is still red but I cannot hear anything from the speaker.
  12. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    Yes, you're right. I've forgotten to translate some items in both files. I will fix them and send you the file later. I'm going to test release-2.0.22 and perhaps I would like to change some translation after that. I will send all these modifications in the same package... Here I go for testing ... ;-)
  13. koto

    WheelLog Android App

    @Seba: Thank you for your job. I've tested the voice messages feature and I love it. Here is a first version for a french translation: Is it possible that the wheel alarms will be translated to voice messages also ? Can wheellog know that the wheel motherboard trigger an alarm ? Thank you. . wheellog-french.zip
  14. koto

    Riding your Wheel in France

    In our everyday life, there is no problem with EUC in Paris. Paris wants to promote EUCs, Electric Scooters, etc... The law should be defined this year but we have already heard about the main idea of the law. Sidewalk are only for pedestrians. EUCs should go on cyclist path and the road. Let's be patient.
  15. koto

    Gotway MSuper X vs Kingsong 18XL Comparison Review

    @Marty Backe you are the only one who can give us the answer :-)