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KS16 new pedals and axis/pedal mount


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appx 3 month ago i fell off the KS16 after a quick slalom ... I was able to run it off but the wheel made 4 or 5 full rolls slightly downhill to then suddenly impact and stop with the help of the pedal :( ... which got slightly bent on the front outer side and the axle/pedal mount was twisted and also bend slightly. 


i used some velcro and small metal plate to realign the pedal incline which worked fine until the pedal broke last week while jumping down a walkway (me ~70kg). it seems that the metal cast of the first batches wasn't too good. there are little air holes on the pedals of both our KS16, and a big one where mine broke. 

ped5.png ped2.png


The new parts got some structural improvements and the pedal feels a bit different (maybe different alloy or just the finish) and have a better look (no airholes). 


seems to be the first broken pedal in germany/austria. people who like to go on rough terrain, mountainbike trails, do big jumps or had a hard crash should maybe think about upgrading. not sure how many/few got sold with the weaker/older parts but they seem ok for "normal" use

Thanks to Funshop.at and 1radwerkstatt for the fast delivery of the replacement parts. 

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a well known problem...and (long) discussed here in another thread...(which i do not found, because it does not have pedal in his title)....

the first in Germany/austria...but in france ther where 4 or 5 with broken pedals!

this design now...is known as V2 pedal of Ks16

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some more findings about the pedals.

plus: pedals are appx 120g lighter than the old ones (~303g to ~422g metal part only) the new rubber is a bit softer and appx 35g lighter

minus: the V2 pedals don't have scews and there are no threads cutted into the pedal ... hmm liked the screws to help with the griptape :( ...



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I put griptape on mine, just used a razor to take off the rubber ridges then stuck it over the entire pedal.  It was easy to apply, just cut a rectangle bigger than you need than go along the outside with a razor.  Mine is getting a bit chewed up from riding it with baseball cleats but it's easy to replace. Seems to stick just fine. 


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