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Charging port door stuck in open position

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On ‎08‎.‎08‎.‎2016 at 0:04 AM, jrambonnet said:

Anyone else experience this?  Feels like it's going to break if I force it closed. 

It was the same on mine to begin With (all 3 of them). Just apply a little more force - it feels like it gonna break but it'll "click" and close.

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Mine was stuck once due to it getting caught on a tree branch while riding off road and the shaft bent.  I had to take it all apart, but was able to straighten it all out and have it work again.  Not sure if you have a similar issue with the shaft bending, or you just need more force, but it's likely fixable no matter what it is.

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it happened to me also at the first shock
the rod with the spring on it, had disembowed
I had to press on with the Allen key
it must be done by closing the cover

if you no longer have the guarantee, it's easier with the battery removed

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