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IPS 191 Lhotz

Cool Moss

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I have been riding an IPS 121 for about a year, and just received the IPS 191 Lhotz.  I have downloaded a couple of the different app's for my iPhone (iOS).

Unfortunately I have tried everything and cannot get the app to recognize or link to the wheel.

Any suggestions?

Other than not linking, the wheel is great!

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Hi @Cool Moss.

I had a similar issue when I got my Lhotz earlier this year - IPS appear to have two apps (one for Xima wheels and one for the newer ones).

Try this link... http://www.iamips.com/m/app.html

It will point you to the newer app version. Let me know if that doesn't work, and I will dig out a link to the older version. 

Also, it seems that (with my wheel at least) connection can only be made during the first 90 seconds or so after turning on the wheel. 

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Original XIMA app:

XIMA by Magic App Studio

Original Iamips app:


Kevin's on this forum have made this one, so if you can connect with this one you can unlock 30km/h directly.

XIMA Lhotz by WTLP Diversions

If you can connect with the Iamips app you can not use the Xima app or Kevin's app, and viseversa.

On my Xima I can connect at any time of the ride (I can't use Iamips app), I guess it must be that the iamips version might have this behavior as you pointed to the Iamips version off the app?

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My IPS191 had a sticker on the pedal with a QR code. Most of the words on the sticker were in Chinese, but the word "App" was on the sticker. When I scanned that QR code, it took me to: http://www.en.iamips.com/app.html

The icon of the app on my phone screen says IamIPS. This app works equally well with my IPS191 and IPS121.


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