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Gotway ACM 16 user manual (English)

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Gray Goodbarn of Yorkshire Airwheels Ltd ( http://yorkshireairwheels.co.uk/product-category/gotway/ ) uploaded a manual for the ACM 16 and shared it on Facebook. It is in OpenDocument Text format which some are unable to open so I have converted it to PDF also for anyone that wants it.

He has stated -  "INCOMPLETED any suggestions appreciated."

OpenDocument Text formathttps://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/USER MANUAL GOTWAY ACM16 english final.odt?token=AWzNViU5T1ZasU7dOiPyIv6p_OiZHn0vzAnqY1wdnvNzfQT0955o6MAT_HECcl_PzA6LAwahL0v9d4TW_Kt3JF3vIPbbwYKN8Rhdh2PNc5QPCcUCoAt4ARDUx4lSnQSB-djR1VIHhbaU2SkWRdV44atRLFN5j-UatY4MmHTkhJeCCg

PDF formathttps://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1mrwOQYqr4gb1FGb3Z5eFJ4TW8


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12 hours ago, Ivan Jedenásty said:

super I needed to know the correct procedure for charging 1 first insert the plug into the round, and the two then to 220V I understood it correctly from the translation?

Plug the charger in the wall first (the charger LED will glow green). Then plug it into the ACM (the LED should turn red as it begins to charge).

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