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Are EUC Batteries Safer than Hoverboards?


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11 hours ago, steve454 said:

I have a lot of batteries.  

11 hours ago, esaj said:

In this room alone that I'm sitting in right now, off the top of my head, I can say that there's at least 4 x AAA rechargeable NiMH-cells on the TI-89 graphing calculator, a (probably) low-quality LiPo in the cell-phone I use personally (a cheap Chinese non-smart phone), some LiPo in a tablet, another couple of LiPos in the iPhone 5 + Lumia I use for work stuff, a couple of rechargeable NiMHs in the digital thermometer and 12V 1.3Ah rechargeable cadmium-battery in a cordless drill. Those are just the "more ordinary" things, then comes: probably around 20 rechargeable 1.5V AA-NiMHs, 25 or so alkaline primary AA-cells, some primary alkaline 9V-cells, 5 x 9V (8S) rechargeable NiMHs in multimeters, surface temperature meter, LC-meter and some projects, and the icings on the cake: 11.1V 5500mAh 3S hard-case LiPo, 7.2V 3600mAh 6S NiMH, 16S2P Firewheel-battery (NMC-lithium, the wrapping is cut open and all the wiring is exposed). Now the 4 x 16S1P -packs (NCA-lithium) are in the next room, waiting in the Firewheel-shells (during storage, they're in a closet in this room). Probably I'm still forgetting something  :P 


I have so many batteries that I'd probably survive month or two without the mains if needed ... :ph34r:

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1 hour ago, Keith said:

 (Although I've seen some impressive YouTube footage, my favourite being this one if only because there is a field full of lawn sprinklers just beyond where he crashed (and I have the same heli!): 


Nice acro-flying and epic fire - those sprinklers in background are really top of the irony here ;)

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I'd assume that (at least big brand) 18650's are hard enough to take the occasional tumbles of the wheels. Basically only overheating (through too high current pull or overcharging?) and overvoltage (bad charger / very long downhill with full batteries) should be issues... I'm not worried about the packs sitting there day and night, but I'd never leave them charging while sleeping or leaving the house for a longer while.

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I Mailed www.batteryuniversity.com since I was worried about this topic before the recall and I wonderd if I needed to invest in a fireproof casing/charging box. This is the reply I got from him.
Hi David,
Yes there has be a lot of press around hoverboard and e-cig fires. Li-ion for the most part is a mature and safe technology. These incidents are typically due to poor design, lack of proper bms, and/or over charging/discharging beyond cell manufacturer specified C-rates.
I know many RC guys who use a "fire proof case" as you describe, but they are typically using unprotected "high power" cells in a fast charge / high discharge environment. For them the occasional "thermal runaway" incident is part of their hobby.
For your Mono wheel board you probably are ok. Recommend supervised charging , and/or charging somewhere away from combustible materials. e.g. cement floor in garage for piece of mind. I hope that helps.



John Bradshaw - Marketing Communications Manager
Cadex Electronics Inc. | www.cadex.com
Vancouver | Minneapolis | Frankfurt
Tel: +1 604 231-7777 x319 | Toll Free: 1-800 565-5228
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