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Do you know all about the MINI?

(If I make a mistake tell me, please).


To start, Segway was purchased by Xiaomi, who before purchase NINEBOT.

Winter 2015, appears the Xiaomi MINI SEGWAY SCOOTER, only sell to the Chinese market, the N3M240 model.

In November 2015 the model MINI PRO N3M320 is on sale in some countries. (see international announce in picture below)
It costs 700 euros (Korea) to 1,200 euros (Germany)

But foreign buyers continue to buy the Xiaomi MINI SEGWAY:
it costs 1999 yuan in China / 275 euros and it is generally sold on the internet by Chinese sellers 400 euros + 150 euros for delivery fees (550 euros)

Before April 1, 2016, a foreign buyer just enter an email and a password to register and activate their Xiaomi MINI.

After 1 April 2016, all MINI Xiaomi had necessarily need an activation code provided by a Chinese phone number that received an activation code by SMS. We have 60 seconds to activate the mini xiaomi.

Many foreign buyers did not have a Chinese phone number to activate their Xiaomi MINI (MINI PRO purchased in China). They had to have a friend in China and through a Skype chat, enter the friend's phone number in China, which received the activation code and immediately transmitted by Skype.


Why Firmware v1.2.8 make us angry?

V1.1.7 was released  07/12/2015, this version work well, everywhere in the world satisfy users, (if your mileage was over 50km, you win a reward on speed limit, you pass from  limit 16km/h to 18km/h) , 

V1.2.8 was released 24/05/2016 only 11 days after V1.2.7, a lot of issues appears, a lot of bipppppppppp, for nothing, much warning messages for nothing, really give us riding horrible, people not enjoying this version. (below screenshot of differents version)

Ones people last days have a new mini pro with an exclusive version V1.2.2, maybe, i think it's a review/test for next version 1.3.0, we'll see later....

Today, a model that has the same specificities as Xiaomi MINI appears in an official document: the MINI PRO N3M260 (see document).

The differences with the Xiaomi MINI: only adjustable bar and hubcaps. The engine and the battery will be the same as the Xiaomi MINI.

In pictures below, you can see

- world release announce for mini pro

- 3 specs sheets for xiaomi mini and 2 mini pro modele (on the right side it's from austria seller)

- offical FCC where you 'll see the 3 modele name

- a app authentification screenshot before the 1rt april 2016

- a screenshot very surprizing with the item N3M240 (usually for xiaomi mini) with Pro appearences....

- a shematic plan for explain "how to make a mini pro n3m260 (from me :P  )

- many screenshot of variant prive over the world for MINI PRO, (like i dont understand)

























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jpn 1211 euros bic camera 92400/746e
kr 998000 748
mls 3800/831
rom 4500/1000
sw 1190/1074
uk 737.5/953
spain 825 andorra 896 canarias 999 portugal spain





With last downgrading process Denniss said he verify himself and see FIRMWARE route to NINEBOT SERVER for XIAOMI MINI or MINI PRO are the same


Electronic/data firmware are the same

Battery and body are differents


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It must be a Kensington Lock - there's a slot for it at the base of the steering bar.  On the Mini Pro, it's incorrectly designed and cannot be used with a normal Kensington Lock unless you remove the steering bar and just lock the main unit, which it pretty daft.  You can get around that problem by very carefully drilling a hole in the middle of the part of the lock slot that is exposed when you remove the steering bar.  The hole should be the same size as the "T" bar on the Kensington lock.  Then, when you replace the steering bar, you can insert the Kensington lock into the steering bar slot, and turn the key which causes the T bar to rotate in the inner hole you have drilled, and then the lock cannot be removed, nor can the handle as the lock is protruding slightly into the steering bar base.

Now it's just possible that the accessory shown is a special Kensington Lock with a longer T bar, that would go through the outer and inner slots and then lock - maybe Segway have had one manufactured specially - but I doubt it.

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Just i want give more details about my manuals screenshots, in true i find last month between january and may diferents manual for the same item, ones were downloaded directly from segway US other from another oficial ninebot website in the world (like spain...)

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