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KS 16" Weight by Component

Jason McNeil

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Had to remove the control-board for a replacement that's arriving next week, after a failed firmware update (my KS16 was serial number #9, that was incompatible with v1.20). While I had everything apart, took the opportunity to weigh the main components. 

Of course in the future it would be great if a manufacturer could produce a 840Wh/800W 16" class of Wheel that weighs less than 12 kg; but as can be seen below, there's no obvious ballast in this thing that could be easily shed. Maybe the shell could be reduced by 1kg, or in the motor they could replace aluminum with composites for areas like the motor cover, it's not going to be easy.


According to these scales, the total Wheel weight with everything still attached is just a tad less than 17kg. 


Inner shell with the retractable handle is 2.6kg 


A view from the top of the Wheel: notice the opening with proper seal to prevent water from getting underneath the board.


Control-board is only 250gm including the heat-sink.


Each pedal with rubberized surface is 650gm. 


Pair of aluminum pedal support arms weigh 750gm.


Each 18650 cells is pretty standarized at 45-50gm each. The MJ1 has a specification of 47gm, with 64x of these, the batteries themselves weigh 3kg, with another 250 gm for packaging, wires, conductive connecting strips.


Finally the motor with the pedals & support arms attached—in the graph, I excluded these parts from the motor weight. The tire & inner-tube weigh around 1kg by themselves, so the motor weight itself is around 6.5kg


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Thank you for going thru this excercise, @Jason McNeil!

Id think the pedals could shed some if alternative materials are used. Perhaps strong  plastic pedals with metal inserts at the hinges could be explored. Pedal arm will probably have to stay aluminum as i dont think the plastic will take tension well, unless a composite paterial is used instead.

but most opportunity in my opinion lies in the motor, 7 kg sounds substantial.

i remeber you did this for other wheels- it would be great to see a comparison by part, side by side with other wheels of same wheel size - this can give clues as to what can be made better.  Thanks!

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Good to see the weight of the parts of our lovely wheels @Jason McNeil :)

That reminded me something else. Do you know we have somewhere step by step illustrated instruction/video in case of a flat tire?

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6 hours ago, Jason McNeil said:

The combined weight of the KS14C motor, tire & pedals is 8.9kg, so just 850gm more going from the 14" to 16".

So which components are responsible for the most weight delta in relation to the 14"? Thanks!

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