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IPS Models?


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https://photos.app.goo.gl/SQujTPHHsjxnLA4z7So I'm a serious newbie at these EUCS... And I'm a young 62 years old.. but I'm bound to determined! 

So the girlfriend got me a used one all I know is IPS... I couldn't find a model number or name on  it.

Perhaps you IPS owners and wiz kids can take a look at the picture for me and shoot me a note real quick and tell me what you think it is or where I can find the model number or something.. please!

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On 6/20/2024 at 1:04 AM, pdx1 said:

what you think

It's old. Very old. Most likely the li ion cells are deteriorated. If it still works it likely has even much less power than the low power it had by design.

Very likely it stalls easily and often - be prepared to jump off. Stay safe! If you like it get something newer and stronger - it will be much more fun!

On 6/20/2024 at 11:25 AM, Rider1 said:

Seems like it's an IPS 122

Looks like. Maybe with some modification? The top battery part looks diy?

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I put the pads on the sides...it has no Bluetooth or anything. Just an on off button. Gf got it for me for my 61st bday. I did the normal, watched a bunch of videos got some gear that protect myself had a few drinks and went out to the schoolyard to learn how to ride it at 10:00 11:00 at night. I got a few rides of 10 20 ft. And then winter came here in Oregon which is a wet shitty mess. 

So pretty much set all winter and I went to go charge it up just bound to determined I'm going to ride that son of a bitch.. went to go plug it in and the four prong power supply when it would touch the four prongs on the unit. The charge light which is in the power button, we just flash once. I don't know what that means. Any ideas guys?

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6 hours ago, pdx1 said:

The charge light which is in the power button, we just flash once. I don't know what that means

Me neither :( Likely it should be on during charging? Could be the BMS shutting off quite immediately.

If you are familiar with voltage measurement and like to open the wheel it would be recommendable to check the charger and battery voltage.

It is verly likely a 67.2V wheel (16 cells in series). Ips 122 was advertised with 260Wh - this could mean 2 cells in parallel, so a 16s2p config - 32 cells in total in the pack.

So i'd first measure the chargers no load output voltage at the connector.

If this is ok open the wheel and search on the mainboard for a big capacitor - on it's both legs should be the easiest place to measure the battery voltage.

Just found this article about the ips 121 which could be not too different?:

with a foto of the motherboard:


The capacitor is the big black round thing on the top left side. On the right side are the both "naked" metallic legs to measure battery voltage. BE SURE TO NOT SHORT CIRCUIT ANYTHING WITH THE MEASUREMENT PROBES.

Although li ion cells are sometimes astonishingly stable, try to keep the wheel in a safe place, or better keep your place safe of the wheel. Just in case...


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