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Another nice interaction with UK Police...


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Glad things turned out all right for you. My only run-in with police was the 1st full day on an EUC. I was so excited to learn to ride it that I couldn't sleep, so at 4am I decided to go to the sound wall behind my house and practice. A police officer stopped, and asked what I was doing. I told him, and we talked a bit about EUC's. He had never seen one before, and he said the person who called in said that they saw a suspicious person on a monowheel. I'm not sure how many criminals would use an EUC as a getaway vehicle. That's like using a surfboard for a heist. We both laughed at how easily people get spooked, and how little thought they give to the situation before calling the cops.

He asked how long I had been riding, and I told him it was my first day. He just smiled, and said "yeah, I can tell." I had to laugh, because yeah, I was pretty terrible. Clinging to the wall for dear life as I inched along the sidewalk. He was pretty cool. He just thanked me for wearing full body armor, and went about the rest of his morning, coming back to check on me from time to time to see how I was progressing. I guess it was a slow morning.

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