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This site has a broken boolean search function

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5 hours ago, goodsignal said:

This definitely should not be happening. The boolean search feature is broken.

Afaik there are no boolean search operators - one can choose in the search options to search for any or all of the search term words.

Personally i like to search the forum with the google expression

site:forum.electricunicycle.org searchterm


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10 minutes ago, goodsignal said:

It's just the main search field fails to accommodate its own search refining suggestions to use "AND" without having to open the additional options page.

This is a bit unfortunate worded - one can click on this suggestion, but not use an AND or OR as search term :(


As seen here once trying to use .. AND ... the search suggests .. AND AND AND ...

These suggestions can be clicked and by this the search is refined in the described way, but it is not possible to type a search as shown there :(

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