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Inmotion V10, V11 and V12 ride mode settings explained in detail


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Ok, it took me a few weeks to finally get around to messing with the settings for my V10F, and I am glad I did...but not for the reason I expected.

The first thing I did when I got my V10F was use WheelLog to unlock 27mph (Android). While messing with the speed settings yesterday I had to do this again.

The next thing I did was try the different pedal hardness settings and commute/offroad settings. When I first got the wheel I did this very quickly and set it to Commuter with 50% pedal hardness. I noticed my tiltback/warnings came in around 23-24mph. Not a huge deal as that is on the edge of where I wanted to be.

After messing with the settings yesterday I THOUGHT that I liked the Commuter setting with 0 hardness. It felt very natural, very bouncy and rubbery. I kind of liked that. But after more riding I found the tiltback/warnings were exactly at 22mph over several runs. What?! Seemed very short compared to what I had before.

It took a few minutes for me to realize that the pedal hardness setting also modified the speed for the tiltback/warning. YES! It's true! I set the pedal hardness to 100%, and now I do NOT get the tiltback/warning at OVER 25mph (full charge). Huge difference! I clocked a few runs over 25mph with no tiltback/warning! 

I looked at all the settings I could change in Darknessbot, Wheelog, EUCWorld and Inmotion's app. 

And since I am used to my 18L being around that speed (25-30mph), speed won out over the bouncy feel of 0 pedal hardness for me. In fact, this morning I crossed a street so fast on it I had to bank my turn so hard I scraped the foot pedal and got into wobblies as I headed toward a curb (even though the V10F pedals are slightly higher).
Very close call this morning as I was not used to having that speed. :)

Hope that helps and inspires you to mess with your settings!

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1 hour ago, moarmoto said:

Is there difference in range between offroad vs commuting, provided that you ride in same manner?

Not that I’ve noticed, but I haven’t done any actual testing. Just riding the same routes in different modes and getting the same range. 

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