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Why does my ks16X keep saying overpowered lately?


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Just for reference. Last week I had my KS16X idoling in my room for a while and out of nowhere it said, "caution! Overpowered!", then starting beeping crazy and I turned it off. I made a post about it and someone said it may be due to overheating. I thought this was the issue because my room was hot and the next day I turned it on and didn't have an issue.

Fast-forward some days later. I've been riding it, no issues. However, today it started to do the same thing after idoling: "caution! Overpowered!". Temps aren't high as the highest I saw so far on EUC World is 109F. It is idoling though, and the temps outside are currently 85F where I'm sitting outside right now. I did overpower the wheel by accelerating hard earlier (normal response).

I turned on both euc World and kingsong app. And it seems to be OK now? Maybe something happened where it reset settings by turning on apps? I'm guessing because I overpowered it riding and then the setting didn't reset somehow until I turned on the apps? I'm not sure. I've only been having these issues lately so it makes me wonder if it's something else?

109F is not hot for the ks16X? I did look at motherboard last time this happened as well as fuses and they looked fine; no burnt smells either. The connections to batteries seem ok.

What do you think is happening lately? Thanks


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21 minutes ago, BKW said:

109F is not hot for the ks16X? I

I don't have one myself, but I think that is not too hot - well within acceptable parameters.

I don't think it is heat that is causing that - I think it is stress. Pendulum-ing hard for any extended period of time puts huge exertion on every component of the system and rinses the amps out of it. I bet it's that, and the message is basically it crying 'please don't do this to me' !! 

EDIT: My bad - I mistook idling for penduluming. Do you in fact mean just sitting there on, doing nothing ?

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I think that if one doesn’t know that “idling” can refer to penduluming, using it for just sitting there untouched makes more sense to them. After all, “idle” literally means “to spend time doing nothing” (Merriam-Webster).

 When it comes to the error itself though, it’s difficult to understand why an issue like this would come up without a crash, component replacement, or any other change in the system.

 What I’d do is monitor the wheel’s vitals closely as I’d let it sit untouched, powered on. EUC World (Android) and DarknessBot (iOS, 2€ for this feature) can both create a .csv file from the relevant vitals that should be of help. I’d then check the idle current, temperatures, power usage etc.

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