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Group Graphene Battery Buy

woke rider

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Hi, I am emailing this company https://nanotechenergy.com/graphene-products/graphene-batteries/

to see if they would give me a quote for a replacement graphene battery pack for my Ninebot Z10. If they say yes, then they might be less expensive if we bought more than one pack. Also, I don't know if I can just swap the pack out without some kind of system problem not accepting the new battery pack, so I was thinking maybe start with King Song 14D battery pack replacement. Chime in if you are interested in working on this project with me, or if you know a company that will work on it with us as a demo for their graphene battery solution.

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That would be a huge breakthrough, if only to be the first EUC company to make this exciting technology available to us. It seems like a battery pack would cost something like $1100. Just guessing though based on prices I have seen around. I know there are people in this community that would definitely be interested in buying a graphene battery pack.

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Thumbs up for testing the technology out and reporting the ownership and mileage. 

However, you do not want to get a lot of people to dive into an unknown technology if they ride eucs. If the battery fails there's injury. Test it on scooters first, etc. 

I'm concerned with reliability over time. We've mapped out most of the risks with LiIon. 

Don't trust your life to the advertisement until it's been long term tested and ridden hard in lots of environments and temperatures.

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