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Are there any mods to increase the speed on an RS19

Vam Monaco

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9 hours ago, Vam Monaco said:

Even if it's just 2 Mph

Installing a larger diameter tire would help if you were fighting against a top speed limit. But RS doesn’t have such limits. It’s top speed is only limited by the available power. And there’s nothing you can do to increase that. Except maybe if you were to install additional batteries. But no practical way exists.

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I think a larger tire would work for increasing the effective top speed at the expense of torque, not just for tricking the wheel into thinking it's slower to get past the software speed limit. If you're using a HT motor/rim you can swap for a HS version of course, and that's the better mod to do, anything gimmicky with a bigger tire and pushing the maximum speeds of the wheel is asking to overlean it.

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On 6/19/2023 at 12:34 PM, Robse said:

It also helps a lot to ride with folded hands ( the RS...  )

I’ve found that I can get a few mph by riding with my arms strait out behind my back, with my shoulders rolled.

Also, I can corner better this way by swinging my arms to the left or right.

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