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Hero can’t balance


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Any recent hard landings? Looks like an issue with the axle. Either the main axle nuts got loose, the pedal hangers or motherboard may be loose instead, or some structural thing broke.

if you’re able, contact your dealer to help investigate. 

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Thanks a lot, no drive under rain, no drops or crash. But yes a lot of little jumps, with sometime hard landings.

I can turn it on, and I can connect it to Bluetooth. 
And yes I had contacted my dealer, I’m waiting for his response. 

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Symptoms look like this no?

"Both the buttons seem to work. The LED strip works. The bluetooth works and I can connect to my phone app. But when I turn it on, the wheel twitches and then it beeps 5 times. It does not balance."

Or this?


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It might be in travel mode. Put handle in lower-middle position, not down and not up but the position part way up.

Press the power button 5 times quickly, and you'll hear a beep after. Turn the wheel off. Turn back on and it will balance.

IF your wheel is in travel mode, that will fix the problem.

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Thanks but it’s not in travel mode.

I can move the hero forward without getting on it. But as soon as I get on it, it jerks and then stops and bip all the time, as if it were going to safety mode.



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