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Top 10 EUC Backpacks (2023)

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 As far as I know these are the two best backpack's for EUC riders (these can be found on AliExpress):

 !BACKPACK2.png.85ac57778f1cd5047e2060119f6b4e44.png    image.png.1cfb8c84ae6d7ba6c9078b09bea58ee0.png

However, I am looking for something different... Does anyone know of other back packs that are even better/cooler than these two?

What else belongs on the list of "Top 10 EUC Backpacks"  ?

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6 minutes ago, Tryptych said:

better/cooler than these two?

Define 'better / cooler' ! People want a lot of different stuff from their backpacks - what do you want from yours ?

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Helite produces a backpack that looks very intriguing (but not cheap)..



The Helite Airbag Backpack is the latest and most impressive addition to the Helite Airbag family. Combining Our trusted Turtle 2 technology with the added benefit of being able to use a backpack too. And it’s all combined together in one innovative package.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the backpack also features a drinking water bladder pouch with holes for the bladder’s drinking straw, main, secondary and strap compartments to store everything for your trip, combined helmet bag and waterproof cover for the entire bag and your belongings.

Available in both mechanical and electronically triggered variations. Perfect for motorcyclists and some cyclists.*

* Motion sensor algorithm designed for on road Motorcyclists. False activation could take place on some off road tracks. Mechanical trigger system is not designed for bicycles.


  • CE Certified Airbag: Full Inflation In Less Than 0.094s
  • Unique Design: Sastec 1621 Level 2 Back Protector Placed On The Outside Of The Air Bag.
  • Detachable Backpack Section.
  • Features Pocket And Fastenings For A Water Pouch And Straw
  • Adjustable Fastenings.
  • External And Internal Pockets.
  • Comfortable, Light & Allows A Full Range Of Body Movement.
  • Choice Of Electronic Or Mechanical Trigger System
  • Shower Proof & Suitable For Use Over Any Type Of Garment.
  • Helmet Bag Attached To The Bag For Added Storage.
  • Reflective Tape For Maximum Road Visibility.
  • Waterproof Cover For Added Waterproof Protection.
  • Reusable Design: Simply Replace The Co2 Canister & Away You Go!
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Interesting, looks like the paired a mustang survival vest with a backpack, never seen this company. Wonder how reliable the electronic sensor is to trigger the inflation and if it would go off if you tumbled of a wheel, tossed your bag on a desk, etc.  Imagine the mechanical is a cord attached to something?  

Anyways, very interesting idea.  



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On 5/23/2023 at 10:27 PM, CDINPHX said:

Look at the kreiga r25 backs. I used one for years in motors and still have it. Best bag I have ever used. Think Marty from electricunicycles uses one as well. 


Well as much as i love my Kriega backpack, once I strap on the motocross armor I don’t have enough strap length to use the bag, oddly it works with moto jackets. Slightly disappointed as I love it, just can’t use it with my full armor.


Granted I have found this with a lot of bags. They seem to be designed for small children/people, I’’m also larger then the average person, soi can’t fault them. us Clydesdale people get screwed over. 

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It’s an amazing bag, I’m just not a small fella, so the bottom straps I had an inch of play left, the top ones 2-3” just on me and no padding. With a motorcycle jacket, oddly I never had to adjust it fit great(had back pad), but with the leatt armor, I have to adjust the bottom strap, but it’s not enough.

When I measure my chest without the armor it’s 50”, with I’m almost 54”, it’s not thick but it adds enough to make the straps to short. I can force it but that just makes it to snug in my chest. 

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Looks like the USWE core packs might be the ticket. Although darn pricey you get get chest harness extensions to accommodate larger people. Well on some of their packs you can. Same strap setup as my Kriega. as well. Which I love. 


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