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Abrams CUTOFF don't buy Leaperkim and Wheels Tech Store Aliexp


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Hi Guys I want to briefly tell you the story of my Abrams and how Leaperkim and wheel tech store a shop on AliExp cheated all my money by not giving me assistance. I add Leaperkim / Linnea blocked my email, but let's go in order....

I bought Abrams about 1 year and a half ago.. one of the first batches I was told that with the 4th Firmware 2.0.15 fixed the problem with the Hall sensor.. but that's not the case after about 1800 KM I was going at a speed of about 30 km/H the wheel made a beep doing cut off slamming me to the ground in a fraction of a second, luckily I was full protection I got away with superficial wounds on my fingers .. my hands were still full of blood .. I had 95% battery. Let's add 3 more particular Abrams problems:

- The wheel arrived with a wire not welded on the rear light so the light was not working.

- The valve was leaking after a few months it broke, I had to convert the tire with air chamber.

- The bearings that make noise after a few KM

...nobody will care if your next wheel has a problem you won't get service from Leaperkim, don't buy this brand.







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this is why people pay extra to buy from local EUC dealers.

If you import it yourself from china, you are on your own for repairs and warranty.


You also got it 1.5 years ago??  Even local dealers only have 1 year warranty.  

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