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  1. you think Gotway's build quality is bad? One big hit and your 3D printed shell would shatter. Unless its reinforced with fiberglass or something
  2. Only adds range and weight Top speed stays the same
  3. if you're comfortable with ordering from china, I'd get the tesla V2 1480wh version for $1100 shipped
  4. Haha. Unfortunately a lot bigger and 20lbs heavier. Not as portable as the tesla, but I hardly go anywhere with my wheel where i need to walk it. and 1 flight of stairs isn't too bad
  5. ewheels sells replacement parts. A bit expensive though aliexpress has a plethora of 12"-24" wheel rims with hub motors for you to choose from. Trampa VESC6 ESC is commercially available and it has internal IMU for balancing as well as an balance app with full PID loop customization, tiltback angles and speeds, and other features. It is a very capable ESC that is used in the DIY electric skateboard market. The only downside for that is its price and it has max 60v (or 75v version). Designing a balance high voltage motor controller and firmware from scratch is quite a task. Good luck if you decide to go this route though
  6. they need to come out with a 100v tesla That'd make it a really nice "medium" sized wheel for sure
  7. True, but any way you look at it, its less sag compared to the original 1080wh packs
  8. check out the battery backpack thread. Their methods require a bit more DIY, but it'll be cheaper and more efficient than what you linked. You are converting DC > 120v AC > back to DC. Their method is direct DC > DC with a current limiter
  9. they started using LGM50T cells due to the issue being panasonic 21700a cells they used originally
  10. The acceleration is better than Nikola and MSX (quoted above) because its lighter and smaller diameter wheel. Range, you get what you get with 1500wh which is just under the top end 1800-2200wh models.
  11. Maybe it is just precaution due to the recent gotway nikola fires that have the panasonic 21700a (tesla) batteries The Nikolas have also been updated to have the LG M50t cells
  12. This. Assuming the EUC rider was not in front of the bus at any time before the video and the driver didn't see him, there would be no reason for the bus driver to expect anything on the right after passing the double parked truck. Adding on top of the blind spot/ sunset/ difficulty seeing a small person in the mirrors, etc Very unfortunate accident
  13. Thanks for your replies. Yeah a $1700 KS 16x would make the price gap slightly smaller. Good points of all the additional features that kingsong has over gotway. Guess it'll ultimately be up to the user if all those small features are worth it I was also under the impression that kingsong limits the top speed after 50% battery for all their wheels (like the KS 18XL). Like a firmware speed cap to start tilting back. Not the battery capability.
  14. Not sure if this is in the right section, but I haven't seen any comparisons anywhere between these two wheels and thought I'd start one I am comparing the tesla V2 (1480wh version) and the kingsong 16x - They are both powerful and capable 16" wheels - The kingsong has marginally more battery (5% more). And thus the range should be around the same. Although kingsong wheels limits the speed at 50%. The tesla is capable of top speeds until near 20% battery, but that'll definately kill range if you ride aggressive like that. - Their top speeds are similar ~50kph top speed. ~40-45kph rated speed - The rated motor power is 1900w vs 2000w which is pretty much the same - looks/style depends on the end user. But I think king sons has an edge - Price: you can get the gotway tesla v2 1480wh shipped with tax/duties included for $1100usd on aliexpress. Cheapest kingsong I can find is ~$1990 - Aliexpress / modded battery risks vs buying and supporting local caveat - Kingsong build quality generally better than gotway build quality I have ridden the gotway tesla for 2550kms before upgrading to the gotway nikola. But have not rode the kingsong yet so I cant comment on the "ride feel" Is there anything I am missing? These two similar spec'd wheels, but one cost 80% more. I am aware of the negatives surrounding aliexpress/modded batteries/gotway quality/ no after sales support. But 80% is a lot to justify for that. Maybe others that have ridden the two wheels can chime in? Thanks :)
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