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Are the older V-11s starting to leak chamber pressure more often?


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Not for me so far but I've only had mine about a year, not sure how old you are looking for.

I did however replace the suspension on one side recently because of ruined threading on the bottom (no leaks) and I did notice the older ones are more sticky than the new one.

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Mine is over 2 years old. It seems I am having to re-pump the chambers more often (because I am feeling something sluggish developing in the suspension).... But on the other hand, I can never get an accurate reading of the pressure anyway, because I am using the small pump that was provided in the shipping which has a very small reading gauge; and you lose some air as soon as you unplug... so I am left with uncertainty when I pump.

For next purchase I will look for digital display pump, or something similar.

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Usually if you’re losing air, you need to just tighten the valve cores. If that doesn’t help, then you can try replacing the valve cores, or replacing the whole shock.

18 hours ago, jmsjms said:

you lose some air as soon as you unplug

If you’re using the two-step valve connector correctly, you aren’t losing any air from the shock. You only lose the pressure inside the pump when you detach the pump.

 And when you attach the pump, the pressure inside the shock pressurizes the pump, so that’s when you lose air.

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