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Under the weather...

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15 hours ago, Cerbera said:

I had always considered the weather report option in EUC World, and the fact that you can have it read to you by the woman as part of the summonable stats as something of a novelty, and of not much use in the real world.

Today I turned it on whilst bored having a cup of tea at the top of the hill, and thought no more about it...

Whilst I was stationary it gave me a general summary of the weather - scattered cloud, next rain expected, wind speed, and left it at that.

Fair enough I thought - moderately useful ! But, then I forgot I had it on, and a while later began the journey home, at which point I had something of a full on revelation ! The weather report knew I was riding and had changed !!

Now I got the same info as before, but it knew the direction I was riding in, and what that was relative to the wind, so gave me amazingly helpful phrases like '18 mph wind from behind you' and ' crosswind from your left, gusting 22 mph', and goddammit if it wasn't correct most of the time !! I never cease to be amazed by what that app can do !! I'm sure @Seba is sick of all the congrats by now, but Hot Damn, he has done such a good job there...

Weather information and wind analysis are features that were developed mainly for long-distance riders, but may be helpful for others too. They make it much easier to assess the impact of weather conditions on battery consumption and therefore remaining range. Another interesting feature is the perceived temperature, which is calculated taking into account not only the weather conditions in a given location, but also the direction and speed of a rider.

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1 hour ago, Seba said:

features that were developed mainly for long-distance riders, but may be helpful for others too.

Well they are certainly invaluable to me now !! :) I am extremely vulnerable to cross wind up so high on my Master, am constantly going up 350-1000 ft of elevation where winds are changeable and high, and it constantly pisses me off that I can't see it in advance, so this is really very helpful in alerting me to when wind problems are likely to start, and telling me which direction I should lean in to oppose and counter them ! Bravo !

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