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hearing protection against hearing loss from wind noise

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After about 3,000 miles at 8-20mph I'm having some onset of tinnitus.  Looking at whether the wind noise could be a contributor I found several articles describing that bicyclists risk hearing loss, 10mph with an open helmet seems to make wind noise at the threshold of injury.  And I found there are a couple of products that clip/wrap onto the chin straps of an open helmet, I'm going to try one.  For winter I have an enclosed helmet and it's quiet.  I wear a Shokz bone-conduction headset which I love and recommend, but it leaves my ears open and offers no protection from wind noise.  What hearing protection does anyone else use and like or tried and dislike?  Maybe something integrated with a headset or a goggle or glasses?

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Balacala in the winter (for warmth) and, well, speed management! I tried the cats ears things for bike helmets but the cheek pads in my Bell Super DH and the cats ears don't go well together.

I have seen on YT (@supercurio et al) that the flat 'clip on' ear mufflers are very effective (I call all ear muffs ear mufflers).

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@Student4Life I am noise sensitive and don't do well with wind noise either. @Tawpie saw me wear "ear warmers", which I got for super cheap in a sport shop and has been a game changer when riding with an open helmet.

They allow to hear the environment extremely well by lowering wind noise by (guessing) 25dB or more even at higher speeds.

@Mike Sacristan and a few more riders opted for the same solution as it's so effective

Here's Mike's post about it

Even if you don't find the exact same, you want them to be made of a thin metallic armature and 100% of this long microfiber material kind of similar to what would be used as wind muffler for microphones. Some have foam inside increasing the noise and they're not as quiet.

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