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V13 first-batch defect: Motor screws breaking in shear


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Deserves its own topic:

Inmotion is sending first-batch V13 owners upgraded motor screws, due to multiple reports of original screws breaking and causing severe damage to the motor and electrical system.


On 2/10/2023 at 1:47 AM, HEC said:

owner claimed on reddit that their motor bolts sheared while riding, but without more details, so it's unknown what exactly was the wheel exposed to (style of riding or other conditions):




new hardened screws made of steel 12.9
The screws are already ready at the factory
I think V13 users will be notified

"broken bolts"

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if u are changing ur own axle bolts, please follow these instructions. 

my vendor is gonna change mine out before shipping me the wheel and i'm gonna email him this as well. most common mistake is not cleaning the threads, female and male first. i used acetone or 99% isopropyl alcohol. cotton qtips to clean and toothpicks to apply the loctite. 

1. Prepare the Surface

Preparation is the easiest step to forget when applying a threadlocker, but it’s arguably the most important for longevity and performance. 

In manufacturing, fasteners may come coated with a corrosion inhibitor. These should always be removed using an appropriate aqueous or solvent-based cleaner before application. 

If they’re not removed, corrosion inhibitors can impede the chemical reaction that causes threadlockers to turn from a liquid to a solid during the curing process.

In maintenance and repairs, grease, dust and other contaminants can easily get into threads, inhibiting the threadlocker. These should always be cleaned off before applying the adhesive.

Cleaning and prepping effectively allows the threadlocker to achieve optimal mechanica, thermal, and chemical performance.



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