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I have started getting emails recently encouraging me to revisit older posts and mark them solved, if the problem was answered.

I am very familiar with this functionality and use it all the time on other forums, but here it makes no sense.

The facility to mark a thread as solved isn't available to non-moderators as far as I can see, not in the 3 dots to edit, or the moderator options (such as they exist for standard users), or anywhere else in the thread, unless I have missed it !

Therefore, presuming I am not in error, we should either a) turn on the solved component for regular users or b) stop sending the emails asking us to do it ! :)


Cheers guys

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Never heard or seen that something can be marked as solved. There is no option like that for me, too. I googled it, and apparently it is something the admin can switch on in the forum options (marking a reply as "best answer" by the thread starter or by the mods).

Could you paste an example email (with a link to something that you supposedly can mark as solved)?

Thanks for bringing this up. Why would you get emails about a disabled feature?

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I see we can turn the notifications off by clicking a link, and that does work, but was just curious why I was getting mails about functionality that isn't enabled.


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