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S22 spring Chart with weight option


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Is there a chart with rider weight and the corresponding spring option/s for the Kingsong S22? I only weight 9.2 stones (130 pounds  ) and the stock spring mings and it is way to stiff for me, I thank you all in advance fellow riders in for your cooperation, cheerio Alfredo 

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19 minutes ago, MetricUSA said:

Damn gaint over weight Chinese riders!!! They need to go on a diet... The world doesn't need a 340 kg spring... I know I trying to find a 140-160 kg spring myself... 

I got a 300 lb/in spring (PN: 039-03-000) 2.5"-2.8" stroke, 3.240" travel from jensonusa.com, https://www.jensonusa.com/Fox-Steel-Rear-Spring-25-28-Stroke

I never installed it because I'm waiting for batchX, but another rider bought the same thing and confirmed that it does fit

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My ride weight is 180 and I'm very happy with a 190mm x 350lbs spring. 

Note 190mm is the spring length not the shock length.  To fit the 190mm requires spring compression.  That adds just the right preload too. 

I've still never felt it bottom out.  But I've come close.  In this vid at 1:07 its visibly fully compressed.  I think those stock rubber bushings in the back prevent the fully bottomed out sensation.  Still I can't bottom the shock range by jumping and without the spring I can fully compress the rubber bushings of the shock itself.  


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