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I am selling my inmotion v12 for 1800 dollars second batch includes the new motherboard and clark pads gen 3 universal. I am selling it due to lack of time to be able to enjoy it. If you know of any other forum or site or group, I would appreciate the help in informing me where else I could sell it. I live in los angeles california in inglewood preferably buyers around the area thank you very much



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  • meepmeepmayer changed the title to USA LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA INMOTION V 12
On 9/10/2022 at 5:24 PM, JRS051293 said:

What's the significance of a new motherboard?

The original boards of the V12 HS were bad and broke easily (sudden death during riding etc.). New motherboard refers to the re-designed replacement board that is used on the V12 HS now. The initial V12 HS batches with the bad board had to have their boards replaced with the new one.

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On 9/11/2022 at 8:44 PM, dgrambo said:

I havent received any PM from you. Im in your area. Ill try and post my junk mail contact so you can reach out to me. Not sure if the mods will permit it, though.

Sure it's ok to post your email address! Why not? (You can also edit it out later if you want.)

@DAVIDSON couldn't PM yet either (and has not visited today, if you click on the profile), but you can PM now, and by default the adressee will get an email notification about your PM.

So that is your best option to get in contact.

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