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Gyroriders gloves are not safe, hillbilly are the better choice.

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2 minutes ago, Eucner said:

Your use must be rougher than mine. My Gyroriderz are one year old and look like a new. I'm very pleased with them.

Maybe they have a never version with better materials?   I ride everyday 25- 45kmh ....  The want me to buy new ones with a 20% discount - Not OK

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I wouldn't use any wrist guard where the slider is simply held in by two slots in the leather. All the ones I have seen loosen up round the slots and the slider gets easier and easier to fall out. The same happened with my daughters. If people really want to use them, Decathlon Oxelo fingerless ones are a whopping £9.99 and use the same slider 'retention' system.

I use Demon Flexmeters, my daughter now uses Demon neoprenes, where the slider is sewn onto the neoprene. I must admit hers are really nice and super comfortable but don't give me the reassurance I need at 40mph (which she never does).

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Gyroriderz gloves might not be the most cost effective solution, that's true. I've had mine for two years, about 1300km, and two falls from about 20-25km/h. I did have to sew back a glove's finger tip after the first fall in the place where fabric meets the tip. A slider also did fall off as the second fall happened on a cobbled road, and the hand sort of stuck in the gap, so my slide was somewhat violently interrupted. The wrists were completely ok, however, and I plan on using the gloves further.

So, again, the materials could be of greater quality for the price asked, but Gyroriderz jumped in to sort out a delivery issue when I've ordered mine. YMMV, attaching the photos of my gloves.2022-10-12-14-02-30.jpg2022-10-12-14-02-34.jpg

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