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  1. Thanks, good to know. The chin guard should be used all time. The convertible helmet doesn't give any advantage to the fixed one. It is just having an additional potentially weak point. I would also beware helmets having structural seam at the base of chin guard, like Fox Proframe. It is absolutely wrong place for potential weakness. Fox Proframe crashed - design problem or material defect In the test Under the Hammer: 6 of the latest lightweight or convertible MTB full face helmets Proframe was the reference helmet beating Bell Super 3R.
  2. At the higher speeds I'm not having any fate on bike helmets with removable chin guard. You can't make it as sturdy as good fixed chin guard is.
  3. EUC Sale starts taking preorders in 2nd half May.
  4. Yes, that would help for chin guard flexing from the middle and touching your face. Please also note, that rigid construction transfers more momentum than flexible. The most stressed parts at the base of chin guard and the mounting points are not reinforced at all. They will now break more easily.
  5. That would work as you planned in many load cases. The added rigidity can also increase momentum at the mounting point when force is introduced by displacement. For example when sliding chin first on the road. It is hard to tell from the video, if the mounting point is strong enough.
  6. POC Arctic SL 360 SPIN is not certified for road use. Snow is much more forgiving than road or vehicle. Doubling the chin guard doesn't make the mounting of it any stronger. That's were the momentum is the greatest. This is certainly a very low speed solution, better than nothing.
  7. Löysin tuolta kiinnostavan pyörän hyvään hintaan. Kysyin muutamia lisätietoja pyörän normaalia suuremmasta akusta. Yli viikon kesti saada vastaus, että kaikki oli myyty ja lisää ei tule. Sivujen mukaan pyörä oli edelleen myynnissä. En kokenut luottamuksen heräävän ja ostin pyöräni Eunicycles:stä. Toimitus kesti 2 viikkoa.
  8. I was also curious about Espoos's opinion of this case, so I sent an email. Still waiting for an answer. I came into the same conclusion.
  9. Thank you for gathering important information. Why safety and reliability are not listed? Safety goggles, chest armor, air bag and safety shoes are missing from the list. Answer options are difficult to interpret.
  10. The linked page in maintained by Metsähallitus, who is governing nature reserves. Information is general in nature and applies mainly to these areas. Everyman's right is much more complicated set of laws and regulations. More detailed informations can be found at Ympäristöministeriö. Jokamiehenoikeudet ja toimiminen toisen alueella. Lainsäädäntöä ja hyviä käytäntöjä. Here is some quotes. And in Suomen Latu. Maastossa olevien ulkoilureittien monikäyttö: nykytila, esteet ja mahdollisuudet (pdf) And in Ulkoilulaki 13.7.1973/606 2. luku 17 §
  11. You are missing my point. Everyman's right doesn't apply to every recreational area. It might and it might not. You have to check it. In Nuuksio - Solvalla map the paths were bikes are allowed are clearly marked. It is a nice way to say that elsewhere they are not allowed. The map is the best assumption of land owners intention. To make rules easier to follow, the bike paths should also be marked in situ.
  12. Yes you should. That is not marked as a bicycle path at either side of the border. The link was pointing to an article about Espoo nature reserves. At the same page there is also a map about these areas (magenta color at below). Your example above was from a recreational area, not from a nature reserve area. The Nuuksio map has allowed bicycle paths separately marked. It doesn't make me sense that you can ride anywhere at nature reserve, but are limited to the selected paths only at recreational area. I think it should be other way around.
  13. Maps are very accurate these days. In addition to national parks, also municipalities recreational areas can have restrictions to cycling. Jokamiehenoikeudet maastopyöräilyssä
  14. Protective equipment can be convenient to use. For example the iXS Trigger FF helmet is super lightweight and comfortable. It only takes seconds to put on or off. Normal jacket can be replaced with a protective motorcycle jacket
  15. Itse en osaa oikein vielä mennä eteenpäinkään, mutta opetteluvideoiden perusteella sinnikäs yrittäminen ja Mten 3 ovat hyvät lähtökohdat.
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