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  1. Yes, 126 V a 50% step for KS. 118 V would have been a 40% step. Either way I'm equally worried how they will accomplish.
  2. From 67 V to 84 V is 25% more voltage. From 84 V to 100 V it is 20% more and from 100 V to 126 V 26% more. From 100 V to 118 V would have been only 17 % increase. The KS's chosen voltage step is well in line with previous steps.
  3. To my understanding this is a combination of yaw and tilt steering.
  4. Put the wheel in the sink and fill it with water: Less water is needed, water reaches cells better and less shooting ricochets.
  5. The key is to cool down the battery. Lithium battery is self sufficient with oxygen. Cutting oxygen path only helps to put down a secondary fire, like burning plastic shell.
  6. Water will cool down the battery and stop the thermal runaway. It is also the method firefighters mostly use.
  7. Correct. Loctite and many other threadlockers should be kept away from plastic. Vibra-Tite VC-series can be used with plastics (www.vibra-tite.com/threadlockers/removable-reusable-threadlockers/). You can also use some adhesive like Loctite 425 or Permatex Plastic Threadlocker 19920 . Despite they names they are really adhesives.
  8. Peak power is meaningless if duty cycle (on and off times) are not also specified.
  9. Kiitos, hyvä tietää. Tuollainen toiminta syö myös pyöränvalmistajan mainetta. Kysyin liikkeestä aikanaan tarjouksen. Hommasta ei silloin jäänyt kovinkaan hyvää kuvaa.
  10. Onko sama liettualainen liike, jota keväällä vielä pidettiin ihan hyvänä ostospaikkana? Oliko isojakin ongelmia?
  11. Tires safety factor is typically about 2. This is needed for ambient and operating temperature variations and pothole pressure peaks. When being otherwise more careful, you can increase load.
  12. It is 190-290 gsm (Grams per Square Meter). That's quite light.
  13. When power is on the wheel balances itself. When power is off or lift button is pressed it doesn't.
  14. It is easy to want high speed, but it is also a trade off with torque, weight and price. Is the voted speed with or without some safety margin? It makes a big difference in results.
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