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V12 Won't turn on


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Is anyone else having problems with their unit not turning on?  I don't know what I can try to do, or what I can test.  

Mine is about 8 months old, no issues until now.  I have the black board board installed for about a month.  I thought this was supposed to make it better!  Now it's just a brick.  Nice and heavy one, doesn't move in the wind and great to hold things down.  

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On positive note you won't crash.






Did it work when you changed the board? Did you power it on/drive? 

First thing you could check is, if the wheels spins freely. Drop that brick sideways and try spinning the wheel with hand. Is it spinning freely or some resistance like breaking?

Have you tried charging it? Does the charger light "up"? Or the wheel does something?

If you are "tech" savvy open that brick and measure battery levels with multimeter. Same thing to charger.

If you aren't "tech" savvy only options is repair shop.

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