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Lost track with the apps

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Hi all, after a 3 years break (owned a KS16, KS16S and a Z10) I'm back in the game with a Inmotion V11. Have it since yesterday, rode 46km  and assume will soon get used to it.

But I'm completely confused about  current apps.

I used to use Wheellog, but now I red there is also EUC World.

Which one is better, and what is the difference?

Is the latest wheellog still to download here from the forum like 3 years ago, or is it now on Google Playstore ?

Thanks for any hints and tips.

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I like EUCWorld for Android, and carry a burner Android just so I can use it. It does NOT require an active cell connection for the basic features. I'm pretty sure it was built on top of Wheellog, so it has the same functions with a good number of enhancements. I mostly value EUCWorld for its logging capability, but you already got that through wheellog so...

Darknessbot is your only non-manufacturer choice on iOS though. It's pretty good—probably on par with EUCWorld.

A third alternative is @enaon's standalone watch app. It doesn't need a phone (connects directly to the wheel) and provides a nice dashboard on a cheap watch you get from Ali. It has proxy capabilities so you can pass the information through to either Darknessbot/Wheellog for logging. There's a issue with proxy and EUCWorld though, that doesn't work.

And if you're just after alarms for Gotway/Begode, I think @supercurio has EUCAlarm on the play store as well.

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