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  1. enaon

    First ECU? Best beginner wheel?

    I have no experience of powerful wheels, I own a ninebot c+ moded to e+, but I can relate to your post, I was there 6 months ago. I now have 850 khm on it, I am riding through traffic, up/down pavements and all that, but I am kind of happy I cannot go over 25kmh. I still cannot balance easily on one foot, no real reverce skills, not perfect step on/off with both feet, no real jumping ability, there is still more to learn, and I am a fast learner. I think it takes a lot of time to learn, lets say like a bicycle. We did manage to ride a bike in days as kids, but took months to get good at it, years even. My choice was the ninebot c+ due to the price, 250euros delivered to Europe from gearbest, a1 is about 320euros. There were many times where I wanted more power, but on the other hand I am glad I don't have it, I makes me ride slow, safe, and I learn with no real danger involved. I am sure more powerful wheels are even more fun, but an s2/e+ and he like are perfect for the newcomers that don't need long distance ability. I have had an excellent time riding my ninebot one, I even made it a small tribute video, they are no toys, they are joy machines
  2. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    More mosfets and the extra heat sink will help spread the heat generated more evenly, so I guess if you actually do the mosfets upgrade, there is no need to do my mod. I am not sure there will be enough space to do both with ease anyway, the pipe I use runs through the space the cable is normally run, if both heat sinks for the 12 mosfets are used.
  3. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    I am not sure what a mini cooler is. Do you mean like a mini fan? If so the no, letting air in to the electronics department is a bad idea. This is why I used the pipe, I wanted the air flow as close to the heatsink as possible, but not to the electronics. You will only find this mod useful if you change the firmware of your c+ to an e+ without adding extra mosfets and heatsink, and only for a few very hot days during the summer.
  4. enaon

    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    It was a c+ originally. happy to be of help.
  5. enaon

    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    i think the c+ rides a bit better on the 1.4.3 e+ firmware. It is a bit firmer, more precise. I am not so sure about longevity though. My wheel is on the 800+ km mark, last 500km having the e+ firmware. I can compare it with three others of the same batch, but having just 100km on them and stock 1.4.0 firmware. The motor on mine is more audible, it makes a louder noise when it rolls. Nothing ugly, nothing worrying even, but I am not sure if it was supposed to happen, and it did happen gradually.
  6. enaon

    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    I have my wheel that way for the last 500km. A have not added extra mosfets, stock battery, MRN76 1.4.3 e+ firmware on a c+. It is getting on the 1500watt area if I go up a hill, I try to ride on the safe side, and I have had no problems till now. I plan to add the mosfets and a second battery to try the p firmware, but for the e+ I think it is ok as it stands.
  7. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    I've moded a third 9bot, yet another way of making the handle go up
  8. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    I've moded a second nb this week, made the handle mod a bit easier this time around, and took some pictures if one is interested.
  9. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    I also have a c+, firmware updated to e+. It is an excellent machine the way I see it, it can handle the e+ firmware with stock c+ battery pack, assuming you have lg batteries as I do. Almost 800km on it since last summer, I now use it for daily commuting needs. Be patient and be careful, install the ninedroid 2.1.9 app along with your segway/ninebot app, so that you can observe wattage during your rides, learn what a steep hill or a sudden stop or a rapid movement means in terms of power, and all will be superfine.
  10. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    hello, I will be happy to help. The tube and the round corners are standard plumping copper parts, not sure about the size, I believe they are 12mm diameter, The tube fits like a glove inside the heat-sink, I added the thermal paste beforehand. It holds in place by several means. The left round peace is glued in place, it is not removable, the right one can be taken out. The tube length is longer that the distance between the two round parts , while placing I turn the tube so that maybe one centimeter goes into the left corner, then I place the right corner and turn again, so that I end up with half a centimeter in at both sides. At the end, the screw in the heatsink is used so that the tube can no longer move, and everything is very solid. I will make a video of it if you are in for a try, just let me know. Happy riding
  11. This is the first time I feel happy for the roads we have here in Greece, a 501 would last ages, the asphalt here is very slide friendly. I just remembered what tha asphalt was like in the UK, one could bleed just by running his hand over. I get your point again, thanks for the info.
  12. Guys, I thing we are mixing injuries with baby wounds Ok a faceplant is very serious and alarming, but scarfs in the skin from sliding, really? One can get those by tripping when running, have we ever stopped to consider armoring up before our next run? Do we all ride that fast? this thread is scary
  13. That is a bms cut-off, your battery was too low. At that stage, if you were sure that the battery was not empty when that happened, it was a bad idea to ride the wheel again. Do what I asked you, check your battery voltages and post them here please.
  14. the footage is frightening, looking at it I cannot really see how one could do anything, I agree. I don't know if it is adrenaline or something else, I believe it it related to being exposed to danger, I am sure all that ride bikes know the situation, where time goes by really slow. If there is a move you can make to save yourself, you have all the time in the world within that one second to find it. I agree that the time window is short to perform the action you decided, but time slows down when in danger, this is my experience till now. this clip is nice, he has less than a sec and he has to make 4 perfect choices (after the bad one), time went reaaallyyy slow. It could be pure luck thought, I am not sure . https://streamable.com/93kx0
  15. I must admit I am not the average Joe, I have plenty of experience on falling and not getting hurt, I am also quite fit. This is the main reason I retreated from the gearing-up conversation, other than that I was getting on everybody's nerves. I get that getting ready for it is not the same, but 1 second is plenty of time if one is aware, I don't wear a helmet in order to force me to be very aware, it worked for decades, we will see how it goes :) the overcharge cutout (it didn't cut-out, it started biping non stop, tilted back all the way, and didn't slow down. I was going 20km/h in a 10% downward slope, hit the brakes and it happened, have done it about 10 times in a raw just before that) could be really bad I agree, I ended up free-skating on the wheel for a sec and then exit the ride, but it was my fault, it was ok in my book, a real cut-off would be worse I guess. I am not riding standing too, I take the tai chi squat position, it upgrades the suspension of the vehicle This I cannot argue against In my trials I did manage to turn my body and eventually my legs were in front of me when I stopped but I am not very sure it will be so easy when it will matter the most. If wou watch my video, you will notice I did intall extra cooling, I ride bellow tilt backs, force my luck as much as I can in a controlled manner to see the limits, and hope for the best