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  1. the android smartphone part is needed in order to flash a new firmware on the watch without opening it up. You can watch this video for more info from Aaron, the one that made easy flashing possible. and on hackaday: https://hackaday.com/2020/05/02/cheap-smartwatch-hacking-to-run-your-own-code/
  2. patiennce mostly, due to covid19 orders from aliexpress are slow at the momment it seems. Wheellog code in on github thus I believe it will be fairly straight forward to make a client for all wheels, and putting that to the watch it trivial, you will do it using your android smartphone.
  3. I would first get a p8 smart watch off aliexpress or gearbest or somewhere else. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000557708951.html Next step whould be to get a custom firmware with an inmotion client inside the watch. This step does not yet exist but if no one makes it I will, maybe before your watch arrives.
  4. The easiest way I guess will be someone with a wheel to get a watch and write the protocol part. Get a p8 so that I can send you code to test remotelly, and we will start with your nicola. I opened a new thread about the smartwatches here:
  5. No need to buy something I believe, thanks to the work done by Aaron(atc1441) anyone can put espruino in one of those watches via a smartphone, it is as easy as it gets. I will upload the code for the p8 and nb1 c/e to github as soon as I find some time to clean it up. Get one of those watches if you like the idea, you will be the beta tester for the s2, it should be very easy to make it work for that as well.
  6. FYI there is now a low priced and easy to hack smartwatch, that can be used as a standalone display for our wheels. I wrote a small client for the ninebot one c/e, haptic feedback is a very nice way of getting informed, I think it should be standard for all wheels, better than beeps. This is a teaser video, more info on getting started here: https://github.com/atc1441/ATCwatch https://github.com/fanoush/ds-d6/tree/master/espruino/DFU/P8
  7. the p8 smart watch (pinetime clone) can now be reprogrammed with arduino/espruino over the air, nice device. This is a short demo of a nb one e+ client running inside the watch, no phone is needed.
  8. I've got one here and two on the way
  9. The alliexpress dafit p8 smart watch (amazfit gts clone) is now hacked, I feel it makes for a good standalone device, big screen and good sun visibility. More info here if one cares to play with it. https://github.com/fanoush/ds-d6/tree/master/espruino/DFU/P8
  10. hello, I have 3 batteries on my nb, the default one of 30pcs, and 15 pieces on each side inside the plastic frame. Each of the two new ones is made of q30 samsung cells and a dedicated bms, ( of this type), for a total of 60 cells Althought each battery has it's own charging cable, I have not connected them all together. I charged each battery to the same voltage, made sure that all cells were ballanced by measuring each one, and I am since using only the charging cable of the original bms to charge the lot of them. Assensially I am using the two small bms just for protection during usage, not for ballancing during charging. It turns out ballancing is not really importand if all cells are of qood quallity and treated right, almost a year later I checked each cell again and they are still balanced. As for putting more batteries inside the one s2, the biggest problem is space I believe.
  11. you will need a nordic nRF52 based bracelet with sdk11, they are unloked and can be flashed over the air. have a look here for compatible devices. https://github.com/fanoush/ds-d6
  12. Thank you. If you have a ds-d6 ( or even better a lenovo hx03w), then it is quite easy changing the code to support the s2, but I don't have one here to test it out. Let me know if you like to give it a try.
  13. I found out something strange trying to implement BLE passkey support. When the ninebot is passkey enabled, the client device needs the passkey to read the registers, but not for writing to the lock/unlock register. The ninebot app does not connect without a passkey so one cannot unlock a ninenbot using a phone, but the bracelet unlocks/locks it just fine, it makes no difference if a passkey is enabled or not.
  14. I like the lock function of the nb one, but I was not using it at all. Having to take the phone out, open the app and press the lock icon is not convinient. My wheel got stolen last month, fortunately the police retrieved it, but I now wanted a solution to easily lock the wheel. I wrote a small script for an mpow dsd6, an nrf5 based smart bracelet, it auto-locks/unlocks based on proximity, displays info and is stand alone, no phone is needed. Quick and dirty code but usable if one cares to give it a try. https://github.com/enaon/ninebot-one-c-e-p
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