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  1. A small detail for the S18, the slider that adjusts pedal tilt moves by the 10nths as now is, making it not really useful. I would still leave 10 steps in the gui, but move one value only for each step, it gives usable precision this way.
  2. This is a small video with the updated interface of the wheel setup up. I have introduced a "Garage" page that shows up when the watch is disconnected, where one can save up to four wheels, or maybe the same wheel twice to allow for a different setup on one touch. There are color based and haptic alarms on speed, amperage, temp and battery. If one or more alert conditions are met, haptic feedback is provided in the form of 150 ms pulses, one for each event, and every 5 they form a longer 500ms pulse. The loop is 3 seconds long, meaning that events if present are reported e
  3. a request for the moderation, if possible to move the thread to the Apps and App-related Gadgets section.
  4. A small video with a proof of concept, the nrf52 with espruino is very capable of supporting both BT modes at the same time, it can emulate the wheel and offer it to the phone or something else.
  5. I agree, charging to 80% or 90 or even 95% is very good for prolonging battery life, only if it it done by the bms, like the ninebots do. If the charge is stopped before the balancing stage, the pack will get unbalanced, individual cells will get stressed more, and battery life will get worse.
  6. That same info can be retrieved on KS wheels from the wheel itself, without the need of a HS110. KS S18, in contrast with say niinebots c.e.p, reports amperage when charging, so if a 30Watts cuttoff limit is what is needed, it can be done with no smart plug, even a 5USD sonoff will do. p.s. We talk about batteries and bms's, I even criticize kingsong a bit, I can't help it, but it I also find this detail interesting: https://www.kingsong.com/aboutkingsong.html
  7. The ninebots one c/e/p charge to 4.15 max, the bms is setup this way, and the charger only gives out 62Volts. 4.15 is achieved hours after the charging led gets green, it normally stops at around 4.12. Those are voltmeter voltages, not controller reported. I always considered the ninebot's way the normal way, not "low". I think Kingsong is pushing the limits by taking the batteries to 4.20, it gives not room for starting off home on a donwnslope, and is bad for the battery life.
  8. just use some lubricant, silicone spray is my choice, they will not be forced out if they are well lubricated.
  9. Anybody knows of a powerplug that uses BT instead of WIFi and runs on a NRF52832 so we can hack it ? The idea of monitoring the charge state and disconnecting mains when done is very nice, it can be done without the power features of the plug or the phone on Kingsong's wheels. The info needed to determine charge state is reported, the plug could just monitor the wheel and disconnect when done, standalone.
  10. I get an "Error while checking for firmware updates" using s18 on latest eucworld version, checked 2.2.1 version and is displaying firmware options ok.
  11. It is a real shame we don;t have smart bms's on our wheels yet. Even the xiaomi scooters have smart bms's on them, it is a disgrace https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=scooter.M365.battery&hl=en_US&gl=US we should have been able by now select the balancing voltage limits from within the bms.
  12. It can yes, just lock it before charging, it wont turn the BT off and is very power efficient in that mode, very low battery drain. Keep in mind that the ninebot E does not need to stop the charging, the bms takes the cells to 4.15 volts as opposed to say kingsong that takes them to 4.20.
  13. quick update on the dk08, it is a no go after all I wrote the interface, got it ready and hit the road, only to realize that the BT signal is not good enough in this one, it is not keeping a solid connection to the s18. Thus, as nice as it is, as it cannot be opened to change the antenna without destroying the screen, it is good only as an onboard dash I guess.
  14. Yes there is a lock feature, at least in ninebots c/e/p and the kingsong s18. In the ninebots it was really good, the wheel when locked would beep in any movement, disable the power button, flash the lights and move the motor back and forth, in a way that even lifting it and running with it would become more difficult by distracting body movement. In the Kingsong the wheel just beeps if moved when locked, and if powered off while locked, it wont even balance when turned on again. Not so well thought out as on the ninebots, but good enough. I don't know about inmotions and gotway
  15. I have a security request if anyone is reading from kingsong I like how simple the protocol is, I like that a pass feature is implemented, although everything is unencrypted, but I don't like how you handle the pass token. The way it is now, the wheel waits for a pass to give access to write commands. Once a pass is given, the wheel starts accepting write commands, and that is it. One can not lock the wheel and leave it unattended, because the action of the locking the wheel also provided a pass, and the wheel now does not require a pass for as long as it is not rebooted. Th
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