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  1. no comment I wish you all the fun riding your new s18
  2. nice, I never saw one up close, but I just watched a teardown yt video, you are correct, the gt16 was very nice. Do you happen to know what the connection between Rockwheel and Kingsong is? They use the same BT protocol, a guy from france had his GT16 conected to my watch using the KS profile.
  3. read carefully the thread, what you say applies for the top chamber, the bottom one is the opposite, gets to higher pressure when you take the brick out, if you put 100psi in with the brick, it is like putting 250 with out it, out of limits, an internal leak will happen, and your shock will need constant refilling. It's been verified now, but I cannot really say more on the matter, other than trash the brick, buy yourself an valve extender if you must. this brick is the reason I find it hard to believe @Jack ex-KS statement that the s18 is an internal design. I cannot see how one
  4. I think the spring shock is there to make a statement, that the suspension is better etc. I do not like how exposed it is, design wise it seems like a problem. I expect an air shock replacement to be a very common aftermarket mod. I think even the s18 suspension was excellent, the problem with the s18 is that the "frame" overall is not rigid enough for heavy riders, I just hope the s20 will be solid in that matter.
  5. I think they are using the accelerometer for the temp, I did not saw one on the heatsink, so you cannot really rely on reported temperature, dry paste will crack and create air gaps, a single mosfet failure is likely before you notice big temperature rise overall. It is a strong recommendation, and I would recommend this type of paste, not because it is Greek, but because I do not know another that has long life and can replace pads. if one has knowledge of good quality paste/pads suitable for our usage, please let us all know. https://www.amazon.com/viscous-thermal-replacement-60g-A
  6. it will always have a place at the museum of road capable machines that relied on little pc fans for cooling.
  7. I will take this opportunity to warn my friend @ShanesPlanet and everybody else that uses a 18xl, kingsong is using low quality paste on the heatsink, let alone it uses pads and paste together, but ok, we all know that implementation is not their strong hand. Anyway, I looked at an two years old ks18xl, the paste is dry, gone, caput. Be careful, change it or a fail will happen.
  8. I think it is generally the advantage of having someone who actually knows what he is doing design the cooling system. the good thing is that abrams hero and v12 looks like they copied it, so overheating may become a thing of the past. But to be fair, this idea was first found on ninebot s2/a1, it took us 3-4 years, but we got there. ps. the ninebot a2/s1 even has the thermometer inside the heatsink, it will take us 1-2 years more, but we will get there too.
  9. and it doesn.t look like the rim is wider as promised. Maybe on gen2
  10. I agree, the display looks well thought out. Looking down to see anything is not a good idea, at least the made it big and clear.
  11. if it is anything like the s18, temp is not important anymore, it never goes up
  12. Thank you for this, I fixed the turn off pattern and pushed a change, please update and let me know if it is better now. Keep in mind that in order to maximize battery life for the acc when in watch mode, it does not sense rapid movement, if you move your hand fast it will not register, but it will catch up when you shake it a bit, so in normal life situation the "off" will be fine. The "on" on the other hand is not optimal, needs some getting used to, I will look into it a bit more in the future.
  13. you were correct, I had the loop set at 500ms for the sc7a20 accelerator, ( I have a bosch bma on my watch), so over 1 sec including screen draw was possible and that is quite a lot. I took it down to 100ms, increased the x axis margins a bit and pushed the change, connect to the loader and do the handler update from the my apps tab, then disconnect using the top right button for the watch to restart and apply the changes. Please report back if it now works better. keep in mind that the watch is left hand only for now for the accel to work ok.
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