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  1. I think only the black color from utelite store is not compatible for the time being, so my bet is that it will be fine, maybe choose the gray one to be on the safe side. nice
  2. distance logging teaser https://streamable.com/waaur1
  3. I am getting there, in the meantime you could connect using the ide https://www.espruino.com/ide/ and on the left hand side, the black field, paste this line and press enter: It will scan for a kingsong wheel and select the first one, from there on you could use the side button to enable /disable the connection.
  4. this must be my mistake, It will be fixed in the update, thank you.
  5. Upon connection to a KS wheel, the watch sets the selected lights state for the head light ( turns it off on disconnect), and turns on the tail light( turns it off on dsconnect). I guest the ks 16x may be using the same register for different function, I will have a closer look. When you say a limit apears, you mean the block "limit" on the watch dash face, or an actual alert/limit on the wheel at 25?
  6. the cells are the same as the original ones, only in clear wrapping because they were from an automotve project. I have some info here Be carefull with the tilt forward
  7. You do not have to use the ks app at all, the unlock command works from euc world, and from eucwatch too. )
  8. I think it is best for now to get a P8 from say here, last I got was a gray with the 816 touch controller, it came from Poland. edit: I forgot the link https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001913204770.html
  9. just out of curiocity, was it a black one from a big store?
  10. was it a black one from utelite store on aliexpress? The p8 is changing cpu, either get it from a smaler store, local market is the best bet I guess, or try a collor other that black.?
  11. your timing is nice the sherman works on the p8, but I never had one close by to check, this will change today, so it will be fully supported by next week. no blog other than this one , but we have a topic
  12. yes, the p8se is different model alltogether I think you should dispute it, it will help them fix their listings.
  13. You cannot disable the thrird alarm on ks wheels, and there is tiltback after the sound, not face plant. There is also a tiltfront feature on the s18 if you ignore all that, it means you should not next time. I have upgraded my s18 to a 4p setup, only the plastic frame is needed( no visual change that one can notice, I just made a battery out of each one. I will post some pictures sometme) and my verdict is that an s18 4p realease from kingsong whould be excelent news.
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