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  1. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    Thank you I am sure all wheels are nice, it's just that this one is my first and only till now, so it is somewhat special to me I was planning to use it as a middle step towards the z10, I will still get one sometime, but for now I am quite happy with the c+ with the p firmware. It is light enough to lift, fast enough to be fun without needing a helmet an all that, very durable, excellent machine.
  2. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    I made a small tribute video for my beloved wheel, the mods are included if one is interested.
  3. enaon

    A new surprise inside a Ninebot One C+ battery

    your post made a difference, they now ship c+ batteries with clear wrapping
  4. enaon

    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    I didn't know there were 3 motor types out there for the ninebot one c/e/p models, you were right. I did your mod yesterday on a ninebot one c+, changed the firmware to 1.4.3( very smooth) and model to e+, I now understand your comments on top speed. The wheel inside is indeed 420rpm, idle speed when battery full is about 32km/h. So I guess 30khm/h is a no go for one c+ motor. Do you know if the motor can handle the 25km/h p firmware, the extra wattage that is. If the battery is upgraded, whould the motor handle the p firmware, or should I just be happy with my new e+? thank you for your program
  5. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    It is also worth mentioning the K5pro thermal compound for general use in unicycles. I believe they are an excellent match, a non conductive high viscosity paste, up to 250celcius, can be applied directly on the mosfets to make a better surface of contact. https://www.amazon.com/viscous-thermal-paste-replacement-Aspire/dp/B01C5XWF2U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537069452&sr=8-1&keywords=k5pro
  6. enaon

    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    this is excelent news, especially the update without soldering part, thank you in advance any hints on when we should expect it, and can you please include the option to update the c+ speed as well if a better batery is installed? The c+ has the same motor/controll board as the e+.
  7. enaon

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    I have now tested the cooling mod, the results are excellent, I get an over 11 degrees Celsius drop when going uphill on a hot day. I used to see 63, I. now get 50 max. I have not fitted air vents yet, maybe next year, the exposed brass tube parts on the inside of the wheel seems be enough for now.
  8. Hello, still new user, have been enjoying the ninebot for 20 days now, just wanted to share the handle/cooler alterations I did in case someone finds them useful. The handle has been altered as to allow for it to move upwards. It is still not high enough to roll it without bending, but it is more like bending, not kneeling as it used to be, and the control is excelent in both directions. A belt has been mounted to the handle and the frame, allowing easy balanced handle for carrying, much better than is was. I will make a video showing details if anyone is interested. The second mod is for the mosfets cooling. I took a piece of copper pipe and run it through the heat sink, it is working nice even with no air flow, I plan to add a air collector later on.
  9. Hello, new user, just sharing my implementation of a front light solution for my ninebot. I used the xiaomi usb light and drilled a usb port with power drawn from one of the led stripes line. The light is 5 steps dim-able and draws about 220ma max, so it is on the safe side. it is a nice source of ambient light, not good for speeds over 20km/h, but excellent at 10-15km/h in the dark. It holds in place using disk magnets glued to the light and frame and is crash proof.