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  1. also, anyone with a gotway, do the updates on the site, the buzzer should now come to the watch realtime, please test.
  2. do the dash update from here, it is already changed, I forgot to inform https://enaon.github.io/eucWatch/p8
  3. It so happened that I got my hands on a monster sport, so I took the chance to check if the buzzer is indeed reported on the bt level. It is, at least on the sport I think @Seba will like it, I will also implement it on the watch on the next update.
  4. Verified, sending the power off command while the wheel is charging, may mess up the bt module it seems. I was out all day today, the wheel was 08:08:08..01, connection drops to my watch, I was blind, the s18 is no fun without live reports. Anyway I just now came back and: placed it on the charger, and issued 2-3 shutdowns, the mac returned to the original one, connection is now again solid.
  5. I got it on the s18, mac 08:08..01 and connection drops. It may be related to sending the power off command while the wheel is charging if it was done by me, or it could be a bug waiting to happen. Thanks for the info seba.
  6. It is best to stay with the p8 for now, the BT antenna is good enough, and the screen is bright enough for outdoors. There are some round options, notably the sg2 watch, amoled and fast prosessor, but it needs effort from the user part to hack it, and then it needs some more work. It is a matter of time till new devices come around, nrf52xx is popular nowadays, apple tags are using it too, so I think it's best to stay with the p8 for now.
  7. nice, thanks for the test you have done, the direction is of no importance compared to the benefits of a Pirelli overall, so you are correct, we talked too much about it
  8. just as a side note, we are alike, I too liked riding on the mountains on my 1000cc, no phone too, no helmet either. Past lives, now we are arguing about euc tyres of forums.
  9. The image above does not apply to bike tyres, it is for cars, where all the surface touches the floor, the center groove serves as a water release channel in that image, apples and oranges. Bikes are using the center only, but I guess a test in a rainy day will solve it all. If you don't see water sprayed in front of you, you made it look better
  10. Try to think it over a bit, what you say is correct, the center groove must follow behind, so that the moment it touches the floor, and water it pressed in the groove, it can be channeled back and out, else it will be sprayed in front of you.
  11. Just a comment on your thoughts on water channels usage: If you place it the way the arrow tells you, the other way than you did, then water gets away to the sides and back. The instant the center part touches the surface, the side grooves should be behind it, so water can be forced backwards and to the sides.
  12. nice, I will put the time somewhere, @Lefteris also asked for it.
  13. what ever it takes to stop EUCs from getting attention before begode ups its QC game.
  14. unicycle from bicycle and Unike from Bike
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