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Motorcycle dual sport helmet options

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I'm putting my eye on the motorcycle or similar helmet market after having stickered a couple of vent holes in my Leatt MTB 4.0 helmet despite it is now (sometimes hot) summer here. The thing is that when there's even a slight wind, or I'm riding at a speed (not more than 40 kmh / 25 mph though), the helmet becomes too noisy. When it's not too hot (<20-21 Celsius / 70 F), it also gets freezing inside the helmet, and I'm really afraid of catching a chill through the ears. So, I have sealed all the side vents and keeping a piece of tape with me to be able to temporarily close on the fly the forehead holes in case of too strong wind, leaving only the top-head and back vents opened (the space with no padding around the ears also acts like a vent). I was afraid it'll be too hot in the MTB 4.0 helmet before buying it, but seems it's the opposite. So, my idea is to keep the existing Leatt helmet in this semi-sealed state (as it's still a great-vented helmet) for hotter weather but look for another one for the rest of the year. Given the above and the bullets I'd like to ideally have in a more versatile helmet, please let me know whether this is realistic and what options can be worth considering. The (ideal) bullets:

  • a full-face helmet (must have)
  • a peak to put a rearview mirror on it (must have, but maybe there are other options how to mount the mirror)
  • a visor to act as a protection from cold air in autumn / winter, and as a protector against insects in summer
  • lightweight (not sure how much weight would be still ok to carry on a long ride though, but a carbon Airoh Commander XL I tried at a motorcycle shop seemed more or less lightweight, while the non-carbon version felt a little heavy)
  • adjustable venting, so that I can open and close as many vents as possible w/o using a piece of tape (which is annoying)
  • good venting at EUC speeds, including zero
  • the visor should have a slightly opened position, to let the air in if needed but still protect the eyes
  • additional sun visor, I keep forgetting my sunglasses at home, and anyway despite they are photochromic, I need to react faster to changing sunlight (i.e. when I'm out of a tunnel)
  • preferably white colour to protect from the direct sunlight in case I would want to use the helmet on hot days (I can put white stickers on the helmet though)
  • not too noisy at EUC speeds
  • good protection rating, MIPS etc., whatever else can improve this parameter

So far, the options I have considered/tried are as follows:

  • TSG Pass/Pass Pro: seems not an option as there is no size XL / 62 cm, not available in my country so no way to check the size in a shop; also, there is no peak
  • Predator DH6-Xg: same as TSG Pass, no size XL
  • S1 Lifer Full Face: again, same as above
  • LS2 Pioneer EVO: tried it at a shop, cheap, comfortable, a little heavy, I'm concerned about the safety rating and the real safety (all reviews emphasize mostly the price), but overall very versatile and comfortable helmet that ticks most of the boxes
  • AGV AX-9: tried it at a shop, relatively light, venting seems great and well adjustable, no sun visor, awful colour combinations available (but maybe I can wait and order a better colour)
  • Airoh Commander, non-carbon white: tried it at a shop, relatively light, ticks most of the boxes, but I'm really concerned about the ventilation, the vent holes look too narrow
  • Airoh Commander, carbon black: tried it at a shop, awesome weight for the class, again the ventilation concern and if I'd want to ride in it in a hotter weather, I must convert the black to a better colour using either stickers or aluminium reflective tape, which is kind of weird for this price bracket (and yes, it's expensive)
  • Klim Krios Pro: very expensive, not available in local shops to try, but according to the reviews must be very lightweight and well ventilated; the only thing could be of a concern is noise isolation; no sun visor but there is a transition (aka photochromic) main visor instead; no white colour but okay, I'd put some stickers

Please help me prioritize the features / boxes mentioned above, and I'd be very grateful for any proven / battle tested helmet options.

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Long term motorcyclist here. I've had luck with Hearos ear plugs to drop the noise without giving up situational awareness. 

Also, the liner (the part that crushes to keep the g-forces that are what cause damage if you crash and hit your head) is crushable. If a helmet fits great, but one spot is pushing at your head making it uncomfortable, you can take something rounded, like the back of a soup spoon and reshape that area by just pushing the back of the spoon into the 'high' spot with your thumbs. I tend to buy helmets a half size small, then do this or just wait as helmets slowly change to fit better 'cause your head is doing exactly what the spoon does. That's great - but if you loan your perfect-fitting helmet to someone with a head bigger than yours, it'll come back loose (had that happen in New Zealand). Maybe learn from my dumb move?

And yeah, helmet color makes a big difference in the sun. I have noticed that my neck muscles have gotten stronger. Not so much the weight of the helmet, but wind pressure. I wouldn't fuss much about a helmet a bit heavier than the others.

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I didn’t read the entire post but I really like this helmet. Quiet, comfortable, looks cool and is dot approved. Fog resistant and the tinted visor acts like sunglasses while still being easily usable at night.  https://amzn.to/3GEuL9E


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