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Battery replacement

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Does anyone knows where I can find a replacement battery for my unicycle? I have had problems with my unicycle where it has just died during a ride leading to a crash :(


This has happened a couple of times especially when the weather is cold. Has anyone experienced this problem?


I believe that it could be the battery that is the problem and now I'm looking for a replacement. 

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Thank's for pointing me in the right direction hobby16! Read the thread and It sounds just like the problem that I've been having.


Even if I should be sleeping right now I couldn't resist doing the mod right away and it took me 15min and the wheel is still running  :) Now I have to wait for some cold weather and hope that is works!


MetricUSA - the first time I crashed the battery was half empty and I was out riding in the cold and at top speed the gyro just died. First I thought that I was running too fast and after that experience I took it a bit easier. 

The second and third time the wheel died I had left the wheel in my car over night during the winter and then I drove it in the morning I got 1 meter the first time and a couple of meters the second time. One time I hurt my hand quite a bit. After that I always ride with a fully charged battery but just the other day when it was rather bad weather with cold winds and rain it happened again! I have been thinking of buying a Ninebot one but I have felt that I can't sell my wheel as long as I have this problem. I really hope this will fix the problem, maybe I can keep it and wait for the Ninebot one price to drop some more.

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